ESSO – Lifestyles of the Young & Ignorant EP

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I remember when I met Esso at the Mixtape awards. He came right up to me on some “I’m coming for those 4 tapes!” Had me looking at him like “who the hell is this?”. I give him credit tho cause I’m not the most approachable cat nor do I appear very friendly. (That’s why Dimez does all the networking lol.) ESSO won’t be denied that shine tho.

I love the EP format. Shit, six tracks and I’m good over here. Let’s me rewind and get into what’s being said that much more. And that’s a good thing. “Change Your Life” is the anthem. MCs rarely try to spread a message like that in ’09. ESSO a young cat too so he’s ahead of the curve when he’s saying “appreciate you life”. Indeed. “Get It How You Live” rides that same wave. Descriptive as hell, word play too with a sprinkle of game. “Some ni99as don’t know money from growing up around it / so the only way they know is how they first found it”. That’s real. I still dig “Living Doll”. It’s catchy as hell and he speaking truth. Some females caught feelings off this without question. Now while I’m not rolling around it the Tahoe bumpin “Doin’ It Again” loud as hell I can appreciate the honesty in that track. Cats will front like they can’t relate but this is a relationship they had at one point in they’re life. “Nicotine” plays well as far as deep analogies go. Smokers can most def relate.

I really think Esso has a classic project in him. He has his own lane which is rare in these times. Really he just continues to do him and that’s all you can ask from an artist. One of the best MCs to conceptualize his music and still able to keep it honest. I’m glad he threw this project out there. I know he’s grown as an MC from even when these were recorded so he might not be as young and ignorant as the title would lead you to believe. We’ll call the next joint a little older and a lot wiser.