Esso & Sickamore – Essocentric Vol 1 : History In The Making

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Let’s all welcome Esso to the review section. The new breed of Harlem MCs is here and with so many “artist” mixtapes out now the percentage of dope projects is real low but when you get a CD like this you know that there is hope for music. Let’s see what’s really good.

It’s all in your beat selection people. Every MC needs to find their sound, those beats that compliment their flow, the way their voice sounds and the content. This is something Esso and Sickamore have perfected and the main reason why the CD is rated the way it is. “Somethin’ New” sets the tone for the whole CD. The vibe is all Harlem man, can’t even front. MCs, especially in NY, are scared to rhyme on some happy/R&B; type shit but Esso shines on those beats. (bling) I tried to pick a favorite track but I couldn’t. “Bein’ Me” with that hook over that beat is some superstar shit. Esso got a knack for painting an ill picture of what he rocks from the shades to the shoes; it’s that extra fly Harlem shit. “Businessman” is Esso breaking down the music game plain and simple, shit is a nice ass concept too. The “Big L Freestyle 2007” is instant rewind material. That beat oozes realness and truth be told Esso is starting to remind me of Common somewhat but with out the weirdness and a lot more fly and flashy. “Essocentric” is the perfect beat for Esso, just listen to it when you cop this, I ain’t saying any more. I’m trying not to give ya’ll the whole CD in highlights but honestly on some true school mixtape shit, “Why Ni99as” sets off the best part of the CD to me; Esso poising some real questions. “Minds Playing Tricks On Me” entertains the same way while “Creep 2007” and the follow up to that “Bread & Butter” are right up their as my favorite joints. This is what I’m talking bout when I say MCs redo a song and “own” it. You make it your own. Nuff said, go cop and listen for yourself.

Every single god damn beat on here compliments Esso’s style, flow and content. I can’t emphisize that enough. That shit is rare as hell too so props to Esso and Sickamore for having a good ear for what works. I not even gonna front, Sickamore kept the project moving. I didn’t even mind all the shout outs and adlibs. I listened to this CD nine times man straight thru and it’s damn near flawless rhyme wise. The thing that stands out to me is the story telling. You don’t hear that now a days and it’s welcomed. Some times you hear MCs chasing beats or trying to fit too many words in a line or trying to be something they not. Esso is just polished to the point of give him a dope beat, a concept and he’s good to go. I don’t wanna hear another Esso mixtape, it’s not necessary. I’ll be waiting on the album.