Evil Empire, DJ Diggz & DJ Rokz – The Unit Remains Supreme

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Guess who’s back in the mutha fucking house…Diggz and Evil Empire. This time they brought Newcomer DJ Rokz along for the ride; welcome to the Rapmullet review section. One should never, ever, ever count G Unit out these days. I love me some Street Music G Unit as opposed to the commercial G Unit. When Curtis is on his game and wants to feed the streets that raw few are better at it. He’s a calculating person, every action has a purpose and while corny beef to sell records is played out like Nike Cortez and tube socks put Block music Curtis over some classic beats and the streets go crazy.

If you don’t fuck with “I Get Money” then you must be a mixtape leper. You can’t help but to nod your head to it when its played. Mobb Deep sounds surprisingly “infamous” on “Kick In The Door”. 50 Cent, Laz and Prodigy destroy “Get Off My DicK’…this is a beat for the ages right here. “Queens” is a good listen regardless if you fuck with G Unit or not. Kool G Rap ate this joint alive. Cats can go back and forth about “Ayo Technology” or whatever it’s called cause I’m fucking with “Prosper”. Un Pacino and Mobb Deep is that lethal combo, rewind this shit cause its one of the best tracks on the CD. Good to see Diggz using that “True Confessions” blend, classic beat right there man. You know shit wouldn’t be proper with out the Alchemist sliding through beat wise with “Collect Dust”. Curtis sounds dope over Alchemist production. The track you def don’t want to sleep on is “Gangsta Diary” with Stack Bundles and Mazaradi Fox. You might have heard it before but it never gets old.

I’d never thought I’d say this but it was good to hear a G Unit mixtape. Curtis is going back to his roots some what, and that’s a good thing. Yea you had some filler tracks on here but for the most part you get to hear that hunger from a G Unit camp that has been full for way too long.