Evil Empire, DJ Lust & DJ Diggz – Purple Krushed Kush

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I’ll take some Purple Kush over these generic ass pause tapes all day every day. Give me some sort of feeling with the music and put some timing to it. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so and when it comes to block hugging music, that soft white and hard yellow music few do it better than Lust, Diggz and Evil Empire.

Ransom can do no wrong in my mind. I mean you can say Joe Budden this and Joe Budden that but when I listen to an MC I want shit to be as believable as possible and Joe is Styrofoam made…sorry. Ransom on “Mighty Healthy” makes it sound easy, some quick mixtape shit to get ya veins throbbing for more dope. Same with “Uncut”…that’s an honest ass track. Dead ass, I never really heard French Montana, not my wave I guess, he getting his weight up in the game, can’t front on that. The joint with Max B was ok besides that corny ass hook. “Take Me To NY” stayed on rewind today. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a sunny fall day. I don’t like 50 Cent on “Dreaming”, Dre on the beat or not. I’m checking for Lloyd Banks tho. Take your pick “Green Thumb”, “Living Like A King” or “Bandana” with Maino. Each track will give ya ears the flu. Ron Paul getting his shine on with “One For The Money”. They rocking more and more south joints on here now. Not sure how I feel about that with my east coast bias and all. Hahaha. I tried to pick a south joint I dug but I couldn’t, lol. That “Swag Flu” made me want to kick myself in the nuts. I can’t believe there’s masses of people who listen to that bullshit. That Beanie Sigel freestyles was much needed. Something I can nod my head to at least. As usual the hardest track up on here involves Un Pacino and Hardwhite. “Cath You Slippin” is that go getta anthem. You def can’t go wrong with Snub Hollow & Big K.R.I.T on that “Krushed Kush” track. I mean besides the Ran I bumped this the most.

The first half of the mixtape I was like damn, cats pushing classic or damn near it but that last half lost me a lil. I def don’t hate the south in the least but those tracks don’t cut if for this old timer. My age is most def showing these days. Regardless of that tho, DJ Lust on a mixtape is like milk on cereal…the shit just works.