Fashawn – The Antidote

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First and foremost shout to Legend over at Onsmash for sending this project my way. I’m def late to the Fashawn party but it don’t matter cause I’ll take good ass music anyway I can get it. I’m actually about to download all his older mixtapes right now too.

Who said the west don’t have lyricists? Wasn’t me I know that. Been bumpin this joint since early September like a fiend. I try to listen to other mixtapes but this shit be calling me man.

This whole project is quotable. Add in the fact the joint is 10 tracks with an intro and you got the future of the artist mixtape. If an MC can’t get his shit off in 10 tracks then they don’t need to drop. It’s that real. Attention spans are short like DeVito these days people. Give the masses you ten best and keep it moving. Serious.

“Razor under the tongue rap”…and then some homie. “Shall Come A New Name” had me sold. I was thinking street certified just off this track. Everything you want in an MC and everything you expect an MC to say is in this track. It’s what is lacking in this formulaic hot pocket hip hop world right now. I’ll let that marinate.

“Only west coast ni99a could have been in the Wu”….bold statement but listen to this joint a few times and it’s a true statement. I love the energy on “Fash Plays It Cool”.

The joint I had on steady repeat tho was “The Antidote”. The title track people. I mean you can hear it above if you want. Somewhere a MIC booth is still on fire. Listen and you do the math.

I like that this project has some soul to it. There’s an underlying message in the music but it’s not front in center. You gotta dig and if you do you then you get it, you relate to it. You appreciate the skill, the attention to detail (marriage of beats, flow, concept). No gimmicks, no corny fashion rap, no over swag bullshit bars on here.

The mixtape really is the Antidote for us real heads who been infected with bullshit. It’s alright if you’re late to the party like me, the important thing is you’re hear now. Keep ya ear’s open and get ya support up Fashawn got you.