Fokis Interview

Big Chew: Welcome to Rapmullet homie let the people know who you are, where you’re from and how long you’ve been in the game.

Fokis: No doubt thank you for having me, my name is Fokis I represent the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I’ve been in the game for a long time and now its finally starting to pay off ya know.

Big Chew: What’s been going on lately? What have you been up to?

Fokis: Ah man everything is great right now ya know, been working harder than ever these days. I just got back from The Power Summit in the Dominican Republic. It was off the chain out there man, them DJ’s showed me a lot of love. Other than that just working this “Fully Focused” mix tape and recording in the Da Kitchen.

Big Chew: How did “Fully Focused”, your latest mixtape do? Did it accomplish everything you wanted it to?

Fokis: The mix tape is doing great man, I have sold over 450 copies so far and it’s only been out about 1 month. It was just reviewed in the Scratch Magazine, this month’s issue with Rick Ross on the cover. Im tryna work the hell outta that mix tape man, shit is classic for real. I’m happy with the success I have achieved with it thus far but im not satisfied so I gotta keep pushing for more.

Big Chew: You had some dope collaborations on the mixtape. Will you be working with Kool G Rap or Tru Life again?

Fokis: Oh most def, Tru-life is my homie, we from the same hood, we came up together so with us it isn’t no industry shit feel me. A lot of people don’t know that aside from being an artist I’m also an engineer and producer and I am great at it too. I recorded and mixed many records including Tru-life’s New New York. As for Kool G Rap, he is one of my favorite rappers of all time and I am sure that we will work together again. That’s my dude right there, I talk to him all the time.

Big Chew: How did you hook up with Focus of Aftermath?

Fokis: He reached out to me about a year ago, I was checking my emails one day and I saw an email from him, I bugged out cause I knew of him and I knew the day would come when we would bump heads I just didn’t know what to expect, if it was gonna be all good or not ya know. His email read “ Peace, Holla at ya people” when I read that I saw he came in peace so I had no choice but to go at him the same way. We spoke, he said he felt my work I said I felt his, he said we should do a collabo, we did a joint “About Dat Doe” that came out crazy and the rest is history.

Big Chew: The video up on myspace was cool as a fan. Do you have any other plans for more videos?

Fokis: Oh most def, I just did another a video off one of the songs from the mix tape. It just has to be edited. But hell yeah man im tryna take full advantage of youtube, myspace and all the other digital platforms.

Big Chew: I know you have your own label, have you had any offers yet to align with a major or are you looking to be solely independent?

Fokis: Well most recently I had 2 independent labels get at me regarding distribution, I almost did a deal with one of them but they weren’t tryna give me enough money for marketing, and that’s the most important thing. So I just continue to work and try not to think about it too much, as long as I do what I gotta everything will fall into place.

Big Chew: What’s the perfect situation for you and your label?

Fokis: The perfect situation is a label like Def Jam, Assylum, Interscope, J records, sony, etc…to recognize my hard work and see my vision, cut me a big ass check so I can put my team to work along with there staff help work records. The only thing missing is the money I know how to do this, I know what it takes to get it to really crack. Money makes the world go round.

Big Chew: Why be an MC in 2006? What’s the motivation for doing what you do?

Fokis: I love to create music, that’s really my motivation. Music is very weak right now so it’s a great time to come out because people are tired, they wanna hear good music, they wanna party, they wanna think, they wanna ride they wanna thug it out you know, its so much missing in the game right now. Ima just play my part and get in where I fit in.

Big Chew: Being that you’re in NY, Hip Hop wise what’s the vibe like right now in the city? Harlem especially?

Fokis: The vibe is whatever you want it to be, I create my own world. I don’t get caught up in the non sense, the he said she said etc… I know that for the most part a lot of people are not happy with music right now, but then u have people that are very happy with it. One thing I know is I am tired of hearing NY Artist complain so much about bringing NY back and all that, its making us look real weak and bitter. People just need to make hot records, who cares where the record is from if its hot its hot.

Big Chew: Seeing this is an interview for a website. How important is the Internet for an MC on the rise? How do you balance between the net and the street and do feel one is more important than the other?

Fokis: We are living in a digitized world, you can buy groceries online now, so with that said it’s very important to work the Internet. The Internet is another world and it’s very important for artist to understand that. It’s great promotion. You have to work both the street and the net simultaneously so that they help each other. Word of mouth is the greatest promotion you can get and the Internet helps with that.

Big Chew: Did you have any mentors to help you navigate in the music business? If so, what was the best advise you got?

Fokis: Yes, my peoples JFR, Shish & Dark Blue. They all played a major role into my development as an artist. They exposed me to music at an early age and in turn it kept me on the right track. Another person is James Cruz of Violator Management. He gave me an opportunity to intern at Violator right before 50cent blew. I got a chance to go on the road, network with a ton of DJ’s and make great relationships. I learned a lot from James Cruz. He is a great talker and negotiator, and in this business you must have the gift of gab.

Big Chew: Thanks for answering some questions today man, we wish you continued success. Let the people know what you having coming up and how to get in contact with you.

Fokis: No doubt, if you don’t have that “Fully Focused” mix tape yet, be sure to get your copy today. I can be reached at or I am always looking for production so you hot up and coming producers, scream at me.