Fred Knuxx Interview

Chew: Welcome to the interview section man, tell the people where your from and how long you’ve been in the game.

Fred Knuxx: Im from Delaware the first state aka The Small Wonder. I been in the game for over a decade now just grinding making a name for myself.

Chew: What’s Hip Hop like in Delaware?

Fred Knuxx: Artist wise, it’s a lot of talent out here. We just don’t have the spotlight that other areas have. But there’s a little bit of everything here. Like you have ya back packers, thug rappers, crunk rappers and true mcs. Everyone is trying to be the first artist to blow in the state. I think if we unite and ban together we can form a movement and showcase the world what Delaware has to offer.

Chew: How’s “The Repo Man” mixtape doing?

Fred Knuxx: It’s doing well. We already moved a couple thousand units worldwide through internet sells and on the streets. I’ve been really pushing the hell out of it.

Chew: Is that a project your making money off or is it strictly promo?

Fred Knuxx: Both, so far I’ve been blessed to hit certain venues and areas that buy cds. But on the flipside there have been times where I handed some out for promotional reasons. The key is getting your music heard.

Chew: Considering the mixtape has been out for a little while, in hindsight would you do anything differently?

Fred Knuxx: Nothing really. I’m satisfied with the way everything came out. It was a theme that I was sticking to the whole mixtape. I took enough time to make sure everything was right and never rushed anything. Everything flowed together. I wanted to show people how to make a real mixtape and not just songs thrown together with a host on it. That’s why I had everything mixed and let the Dj be creative with it. I think that’s what stands out the most, is how the mixtape was mixed.

Chew: How do you work the mixtape once it’s done? You got the dups, the covers ect. now what?

Fred Knuxx: Hit the streets. Send cds to websites for sale and review. A lot of times I sell a lot of cds at my shows. I have a street team and we just go different places and start hustling cds out the book bag or trunk. Everywhere I go I keep cds on me like my license. (LOL)

Chew: As an up and coming artist that utilizes mixtapes, where do you see them in five years? Will they still be relevant?

Fred Knuxx: Overpopulated with artist and Djs. Right now it’s a lot of Djs putting out mixtapes and artist put out mixtapes instead of albums. Just imagine what it will be like 5 years from now. It should still be relevant as a promotional tool for the streets because most mixtapes represents artist in the rawest form and feeds the needs for the streets. It also shows A&R;’s what artist is hot at the moment. I know people that buy mixtapes instead of albums because albums are so watered down nowadays, people want to hear that no holds barred raw hip hop, not the commercial stuff the labels want to put out.

Chew: How important has the internet been in promoting yourself and your music?

Fred Knuxx: The internet played a major role for me so far. It gives me a chance to get my music heard to other parts of the world. My music is heard overseas, on the west coast and down south because of the power of the internet. It also gave me the chance to meet a lot of talented rappers and Djs outside of Delaware. It’s the way of the world now and it seems everybody has a Myspace page, so it definitely opens up doors to network. Before I got shit to pop off in my home state I was getting a lot of love and creating a buzz on line. I still believe you have to hold it down in your state to be taken real serious. Like do shows and learn how to rock a crowd. The internet cant teach you that. You can have a name in message boards or on the net but if an A&R; comes to your town and nobody knows who you are then that can make you look bad. You should balance the streets and the internet to create a buzz. At the end of the day I have never saw a rapper get a major deal off of the internet alone. It always started in the streets and spilled over to the net.

Chew: Does hip hop and making music pay the bills for you? Making music can get expensive these days how does one “afford” for make good music?

Fred Knuxx: It helps pay the bills at times. Rap is just like any other hustle. You have your slow days and ya days where you make a lot. Its all about putting yourself in a position to make money. I get paid for shows and the shows that I don’t get paid for I sell cds and make up for it. Some unsigned artist gets paid for verses. It’s all down to the artist. If the artist is just in it to make music then that’s all they are going to do is make music for them and maybe get it out to people to hear it. If an artist is about making money then they are going to put themselves in places to capitalize off their work. I pay money for studio time, artwork, covers and getting cds pressed so I’m going to hit the streets and make my money back plus more.

Chew: Are there any specific producers you’re working with? Any future colaborations we can look forward too?

Fred Knuxx: Yeah my main producer is X-Plosive beats. He’s part of my label Starcore Ent. Right now I’m working on this project with my manager Jazzy D called Delafornia. It’s a mixtape with all original beats and its going to have Delaware and Cali artist on it. So far I have tracks lined up with Shade Sheist, G. Malone, Bad Lucc, Noni Spitz, some Sick Wit It artist and other heavyweight names we trying to confirm soon. Also I have some collabs with artist like Tom Gist(Dip Set), Team Afficial, The Bakery and other dope artist from the east.

Chew: Outside of the music and Hip Hop what keeps you motivated?

Fred Knuxx: God and my family, I have a lot of people relying on me to make it. Every time I think about my loved ones that rely on me it motivates me to take things to another level.

Chew: Any last words for the Rapmullet readers?

Fred Knuxx: Yea, you can check me out at and get my latest mixtape or Also I want to thank all the people that supported my music and all my projects. I want to thank all those that hate on me or sleep on me because that motivates me to make you angrier. (LOL) I wanna shout out Starcore Ent(SLS, X-Plosive, Ron Man The Beast), The Coporation(D. Grayson, Dj Mega Skills, Dj Destructshawn and Dre Music), Jazzy Management, The DE Movement(Dom 1, Team Elite, Hollywood Huff). I want to thank all the readers that took the time to read this interview and rapmullet for giving a true outlet for the mixtape world.