Geolani Grandz – Zillion Dollar Bo$$

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Welcome to bias review 101 you bitches. I’m gonna nip that shit in the bud right now. Cats will scream foul cause Geolani had ads on Rapmullet and music on Rapmullet so he automatically gets a “good” review. He could send me ten naked porn star bitches each with 10 grand strapped to their asses and all carrying pizza and snacks and I’d still give him an impartial review of his music. It’s not that serious but if you got a problem let me know, I’ll send you case of of tissues, and tampons…bunch of crying ass vaginas.

Where DJ Lust been at? It was good to hear him on that intro, he’s got a mixtape voice that will motivate even the most harden criminals….”GAME (echo echo) TIGHT (echo echo)”. Shout to Metro Beats too, get well man. He produced “Talk How I Wanna”. That’s the statement of the mixtape right there. In addition, anytime Geolani and Metro Beats get together you know 9 times out of 10 the track is gonna pop off. Case in point: “Bx to the Block” with S-One. I’m diggin’ how they traded bars on the hook, cats don’t do it like that any more. You can’t deny the Stack Bundles and Dramills featured joint “Neva Stop Winning”. That joint is sharper than 10 machetes in a pile of broken glass. The anthem of anthems is “Let My Tape Rock”. If you don’t know that shit by now I can’t help you. Metro Beats produced filet mignon on the beat and damn near every mixtape DJ got some shine too. If you get a chance peep Montega’s verse on “Hustle”…that’s the future right there. “She Is Music Pt 2” got Naim Brixx on the hook and the shit is crazy. I don’t like the track as much as pt.1 but dude on the hook is nasty. “Zillion Dollar Boss” is all Geolani…that joint is the personification of Geolani’s whole style to me. Not to mention Dub Floyd murderd the hook. Geo held his own on along side Skyzoo and Sic Osyrus on the remix for “I Still Love Her” too.

I do not rate the MC in a mixtape review; I rate the mixtape…the project itself. Lyrically, and I don’t think Geolani would disagree; he’s not the best in his team. His strengths as an MC are his ear for beats, the ability to flow perfectly on said beats and get everyone to come together. He has the vision and the grind to make shit happen…bottom line. As a stand-alone MC in the game I would give him 2 ½ – 3 tapes, he has his moments and gets in some jewels consistently. This project tho is a completely different thing. It has everything; there’s nothing left he can do…all bases were covered. From the featured MCs, to the tight production to the cover work, to the running interview throughout, to the overall concept and flow of the mixtape. Even if you don’t like him as an MC you have to admire the fact he thoroughly produced a street certified mixtape in all aspects of what you want an “artist” mixtape to be. Moreover, you can’t take that away from him.