Ghetto – Ghetto Fame

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ST. is most def the SQUAD. I’m diggin’ how cats have been building that brand over the years. It’s like subliminal shit. You just expect to hear it and it rides well with the music too. For those not familiar with ST.(dot), they consist of GHETTO,TERMANOLOGY,EA$Y MONEY,SNUK,CLIP-1,STALION, and SIN to name a few. Cats is outta Lawrence Massachusetts aka Law-town. I remember going to a DJ Chubby Chub party in the Law back in like ’97, mad dudes up in the club and like three chics. I’ve never seen three chics so nervous before, lol. We left the club mad early due to the lack of women but not before seeing two cats get robbed and beat down across the street…you gotta love Law-town. Hahahaha.

One thing about Ghetto is he def shoots straight. What I mean by that is if the name of the track is “Gun Talk” the song is really about guns. No bullshit or hidden refrences to what “guns” could mean…actual guns. I’m big on words man, if you MC and can’t place your words properly or can’t fit one word to actually mean a whole phrase then you need to work on your craft. I’m listening to “Who Want It” and Ghetto got his words down. The shit isn’t complex but it’s effective, it’s strictly music for real cats and the hood. Back on that straight shooter shit, “Fucked Up” is right in line with that conept. The hood is fucked up, Ghetto tells you why on “Fucked Up”…if that isn’t straight forward then I don’t know what is. “Hit That” got Ghetto sounding out of charater on the MIC in my opionion; hook was kinda stale and predictible. On the flip side, Ghetto shifts gears with the flow along side Snuk on “Will Not Stop”. This shit was fly, he needs to show this versatility more in the future. The best song to me and the one with the best overall sound is “For The Fam”. The content was there and cats showed and proved for the Squad…it’s a beautiful thing. “What It Was” was a better look for Ghetto spittin’ about some broad(s). Cats can relate to this joint a lot more than the club attempt “Hit That”. Best line and I quote: “now I know what you wanted me for..trick / opps / I’m sorry…pardon me whore.” Hahaha, that was slick.

Ghetto has that same appeal as Capone & Noreaga did on the War Report. No bullshit rhymes, just straight forward raw rhyming. I like that shit. That’s dudes comfort zone right there. He’s got the bars, he’s got the flow too he just needs to challenge himself more to use it. As far as MIC skills Ghetto is three tapes easy, mixtape wise tho it was all pause and play. The right DJ could hightlight the music and kept shit moving smoother. I’m not sure if this was to be a mixtape or album but even if it was an album the shit could have used some skits, ad some character to the overall vibe. I’m sure dude already has ghetto fame, now it’s time to take it to the next level.