Gods Own Country – The Movement Mixtape Vol. 1

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I have to admit that I’m just like everyone else when it comes tor foreign MCs. Well maybe not as bad as the typical american but I tend to pass them over more so than an MC from the states. This project right here has some balance tho between the known an unknown MCs and a green lantern mix too. Just so you know the Evil Genius hosted the CD too.

The mixtape title track with Franchize is decent. The beat got a knock and dude has a cool sound. I don’t know if its a mixtape starter but its got the same title as the mixtape so I guess it works. How is Dead Prez on here followed by a Lil Wayne track? Dead Prez comes thru with that extreme focus on “I’m African” then Lil Wayne kills all upliftment with “Outstanding”. Now I’m lost at the direction the project is taking. The Jimbo Jones and Juelz Green Lantern mix was tight. Uncle Murda makes an appearence and rightfully so as Green Lantern is hosting. “Esperance” by Moubaraka was dope. I don’t know what he was saying but the flow was nice. Wyclef did his thing on his track, no title to the song I guess, it just says Wyclef exclusive. ??? One of the best songs on here is Dizzee Raskal with “Hardback Industry” He’s one MC from overseas who’s always consistient with the bars. I just don’t see how you follow this up with “Sour Diesel”. You go from super lyrical to lyrically devoid. I could tell you to peep Krukid or Lopango Ya Banka but you would have to listen to “Big Spender” and Plies too.

This project has some good music on it. I don’t think it was done as well as it could have been. You can hear the lack of cohesiveness from track to track. I understand about have some mainstream joints on here to get people to listen to the unknown cats and in some instances it works. But when you’re dealing with lyrical cats and you have to endure a Swizz beats track in between your gonna have your target audience fast forwarding shit or tuning out all together. The title says The Movement Mixtape but I’m not sure cats even know what that movement is.