Grafh – Autografh

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I gotta say I was surprised to get an email with a download link for this album and from someone in his camp too. Shit you can hit up his myspace and download it for free right now. A lot of times I don’t even want to listen to a leak, I’d rather cop the album and enjoy or not enjoy it like the music fan I am. I don’t have a ton of disposable income but I budget the shit in regardless. This time out though I had to listen because Grafh more than deserves a review with all the quality music he’s given the masses over the years…especially on mixtapes.

I’m not highlighting every track or speaking on every track cause cats need to COP and hear for themselves. With that said…”Yea Right” is my new anthem. I don’t know who Grafh is talking about nor do I care. This track right here should be on every mixtape from here to China. It’s rare when everything comes together; beat, content, lyrics, delivery and style but this is one of those tracks. He’s speaking to some of you DJs in this song too, get your heads outta your asses. This is Boule Music at it’s finest and it’s going on the Rapmullet IPod at some point too. Damn, let’s see we got our anthem what’s next? It’s that raw emotion that you can’t find in todays Hip Pop. Peep “My Soul”, if the piano doesn’t get you open than the message in the rhyme will. Grafh broke down so many life lessons in this song he should be able to save the nations youth…if they would just listen. At this point in the CD you get to hear some of the most personal, heart felt, real life situations from Grafh. Take your pick: “In My Mama’s Eyez”, “Lil Kenny”, “Lonely Road”. I’m not really gonna get into the depth of the content, just know that it’s Grafh at his best. The story is real as well as the message. The last track I’m gonna speak on is “I See Ya”. Of course Bun B is Bun B so you know he represented but two things really really stand out; the beat and Grafhs verse. The beat is def unique, not really like anything you hear right now…kind of minimal but effective. Grafhs verse tho…man he went in on this track like the John Rambo with a bazooka, three hookers and a T-bone steak. I know that didn’t make sense but the flow is as sharp as I’ve heard all year from any MC…don’t even get me started on the word play. And I quote: “so high I saw Hitler at a bar in a barmitzmah with hard liquor with a Jew was his bartender at Hanukah with a Yamika with five ni99as with Islam stickers…woah.”

This is easily the best artist CD out right now. Grafh just carved out a serious space in Hip Hop. I don’t really see to many people up on this either and that’s not a bad thing. Let the word of mouth do what it does and build that fanbase. The music on here just sounds natural, not forced at all. He’s not trying to make a radio track, not trying to make a club track…it’s refreshing man…just good music. Cats always talk about connecting with or relating to an artist…this is it right here. Grafh has something for everyone to relate to and he’s got positive messages wrapped up in there too. The difference is he presents it in a way that appeals to everyone without sounding preachy, he still caters to the block and the lyrically skills are virgin tight. Like I said I don’t know if this is the official album but when that shit does drop ya’ll need to go support him because he’s one of the last MCs right now to do what he wants and make that “real” hip hop everyone wishes MCs still made.