Grafh & Clinton Sparks – Myspace Jump Off

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Did you know I was a myspace jump off for these three young ladies? That’s right I was innocently corresponding with this woman on myspace, we’ll call her Rhonda. She sent me some naked pics, pussy and all, said she was currently out of work but looking really really hard for a job. She looked good, shared the same views as me and had all of her teeth; it was a match made in heaven people. We decided to meet at a neutral spot; my parents basement. There was a knock at the bulk head door and when I opened it I was tackled by two slightly over-weight chics. Needless to say I was tied up and they had their way with me. It felt so good yet I was violated to the extreme when they took turns sitting on my face. This is a cautionary tale people; learn from my mistakes before you too become a myspace jump off. But enough about me…

I’m impressed with Grafh lately man, he’s really stepped his overall game up in the promotions department as well as rounding out his sound. The dude can rhyme; we know this and if you don’t Clinton Sparks will help you get familiar. “Myspace Jumpoff” is a good song, don’t front. It’s catchy to the point where the millions of myspace fiends can relate and the hook is the shit. If this isn’t good promotion as well as showcasing Grafhs mass appeal then I don’t know what is. Grafh is one of the only MCs that actual can make me laugh with his lyrics. He’s got that nonchalant flow like on “Stupid”, he throws in some punch lines to make you rewind the shit and his sense of humor is crazy, not to mention the add libs. If you ever wanted a lesson in word play, peep “Can I Have It Like That”. Grafh on that lyrical gymnastic type shit. My only disappointment on here was the hook for “Watch Me”. He sounds like he just woke up at like 6 am and recorded a chorus of the dome when he needed to catch a shower and breakfast before that hook was created. That Kayslay freestyle is hard, some shit to go kill yourself over. I even like “Gangsta Lean”, and for those DJs and MCs that don’t like east coast cats on some south shit eat a big fat smelly pussy. Truth is most east coast MCs can’t fuck with a south beat, your all up-tight with the flow and you got no swashbuckle to your shit. Grafh on the other hand is an MC that can adapt and conquer a south beat so stop making excuses and start making good music.

This is a crazy ass mixtape for Grafh. Clinton Sparks always comes correct for artist mixtapes and he knows how to play the background while keeping a CD moving and getting his plugs in at the same time. DJs peep game. As for Grafh, he’s on his way. I like how he can cater to a sound while maintaining his street shit. No MC since B.I.G has been able to balance the game between commercial and street but Grafh is coming into his own in that respect. Keep ya ears open for Grafh the best is yet to come.