Green City Records – 1st You Get The Money

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Welcome Green City Records to the review section people. Texas is doing it big as usual. It’s all about thick jewel cases, chopped hooks and good music. DJ Blurray holding down mixing duties on here, dude got some skills and yes he’s actually mixing tracks back to back. I try to tell cats Texas is true school hip hop to the core, the same is true for their mixtapes. It’s not slow music man, it’s laid back and that’s a small fraction of what Texas and Green City Records has to offer.

The CD is a little old but we gonna get it in regardless. “Dem Texas Boyz” is the first track to hold my ear. Something in the hook that just fucked my head up. “Looking Good” is an anthem of sorts. Big Spade got a presence on the MIC like no other, plus he’s a team playa…lol. Mike Hee did his thing on “Me Or Him”, his voice annoyed me at first but he sounded tight on that beat. Just keeping it honest with yall, Sparkdawg is the most polished MC outta the crew. “Stay Of My Dick” is a well rounded song; from Sparkdawgs voice to his flow to the hook to the beat. Next up tho is Big Spade. “4-1 Ni99as On Top” got Big Spade with that rapid flow and he kills it, def a good look. “Get 2 Trippin” was the best posse cut easy. Cats switching up flows with ease and the hook grew on me after a while.

I heard Green City getting money so they doing what they say their doing. Def some talent on the CD man I’m not gonna front. Besides Sparkdawg, look for Big Spade to make some serious noise if he got some new shit coming soon. This CD right here is a straight listen man, some rider music, some shit to slap ho too and then just lay back and get nice. Props to DJ Blurray for keeping shit moving real lovely. I’m telling ya’ll man, 2007 if you ain’t got the “mix” in your mixtape your shit is a frisbe.