Gutta – Industrial Strenff : The Industry Bumrush

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It’s finally here people: Gutta’s new mixtape. Those of you who frequent the forum know about Gutta and know what he brings to the table lyrically. He’s got the official Noizemob Co-sign with Chuck T and Wiz Hoffa holding down hosting and mixing as only they can do. For those of you doubting the power of Noizemob in the unsigned world of MCs think again. Cats hold weight and they got their business straight too.

“Been the truth in the booth since Ice Cube had a nice curl”…classic. “Just Bars Pt. 1” will let you know Gutta is a lyrical giant. I’m fucking with “Like A Pimp” too. I wouldn’t call it slow a flow but the shit is def smooth as all hell. Concept wise “Yao Ming” is classic. This is a track that needs some more mixtape love throughout the country. If you already don’t know “20s” is an anthem. Cats can say rhyming about rims is cliché but the thing is people want to hear about it and it’s a culture in and of itself so why not give ‘em an anthem. “Tuff Guy” is the flow I like to hear from Gutta. A lot of times he’s got so much to say his words are coming out rapid fire but on here it’s a little more controlled which makes it easier for the average listener to decipher all that he’s saying. Peep the versatility on “Nolia Boy Pt. 1”. The story telling ability is def shinning thru on here all while Gutta pushes a message to the people. Then they take the story one step further with “Nolia Boy Pt. 2”, where you get a totally different perspective of the story going down in Pt. 1 and the ending is just straight up ill. “Sickenin’ Hot” got Gutta turning the bars into vegetables…the word play on here def “burn like a syphilis crotch.” (Classic line) “What Lies Beneath” is the most well rounded, heartfelt track on the whole CD. I would have jumped this off earlier in the project tho.

A couple things stand out to me. The hunger is crazy. You can tell Gutta is ready to do whatever it takes to make it. The other thing is the lyrics, punch lines and words are on that professional level. Gutta to me sounds like an angry version of Big Boi from Outkast. He’s the rewind king right now cause I gotta rewind shit just to make sure I heard what I thought he said. Gutta has those classic lines all while being able to convey a message when he wants too. On the flip side tho, with all the words being flipped the flow comes off choppy at times but I’m starting to realize that’s he’s style. I’d still like to see him play with the flow and delivery just to challenge the MIC skills and help him grow as a complete MC. Sometimes you gotta step out of the comfort zone and see where it can take you.