GZA/Genius – Pyroclastic Flow

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God damn, a best of GZA mixtape…thank you. Just so cats know this is A Riosound.com joint that was compiled and programed by Destro. Gotta shout out the cats who put this together. The GZA is the last of a dying breed for real. For those of us who feed off lyrics and complicated flows bundled with intricate word play it’s time to rejoice. GZA is one of maybe three or four MCs that can spit 10 words back to back and say more than most MCs whole albums in 2007. Not only that his vocab is deep as deep can get.

Cats didn’ rape his first solo album either, and that’s were the average fan would have gone with it but if you really know his most lyrical shit came after that album…just the beats weren’t as potent. “Knock, Knock”…”I’m the obscene slang kicker with no parental sticker, advising ya’ll that wise words is much slicker”. Crazy! and that’s the first bar of the song. Now what about “Clan In Da Front”? “Let’s get on this mission like Indiana Jones, the GZA, One who just represent the Wu-Tang click, With the game and soul, of an old school flick…” One of the first times you heard the GZA rhyme and he told you exactly who he was and what his whole style is. You don’t get that from MCs today. “Exploitation Of Mistakes” is one of the illest stories ever told in rhyme and most cats don’t even know about it. GZA uses so few words but the shit is descriptive as hell…he paints a motion picture with this one and there’s no hook. Peep the prophetic jewels off “High As Wu Tang Get”…”Yo, too many songs, weak rhymes that’s mad long, Make it brief Son, half short and twice strong”. Ahhhh, that’s the shit: make it brief son, half short and twice strong! Words for MCs to live by. “Now watch me blow him out his shoes without clues, Cuz I won’t hesitate to detonate, I’m short fuse”…if you don’t know “4th Chamber” then you’re not a Wu fan, that’s simple math.

Cats did their thing on here with the track selection. Not really any mixing involved but back to back cats know their lyrical gems from the GZA. The GZA is a complete MC, probably one of the best to every touch a MIC and step in the booth. The epitome of a skilled MC, bars have double meanings woven in between a message for the masses. I’m diggin’ the whole packaging of this project too…some collectors shit, now I gotta figure out how to get a hard copy.