Hasan Insane & Tapemasters Inc – Black Caesar

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I’m not even checking for Jay Z right now, no bullshit. I got a thing for original production on some blend shit tho. I fucked with Hasan Insane’s beats on the “American Gangsta The Mixtape” that he had a couple joints on so this was a must listen.

The sample in “America Dreamin” was tight like spandex, shit had me hypnotized…eyes low fresh off a $20 sack type shit; Nas was born to flow on this beat too. I even like the beat for “Hello Brooklyn 3.0” but those verses don’t do the production justice. Is that the same beat for both “Roc Boys” and “Sweet”? Maybe I’m buggin’ but that shit sounds the same to me. The vibe on “I Know” is crazy…shit got a lil bounce to it and compliments Jay’s flow perfect too…best joint I’ve heard so far. I had high hopes for the Scarface assisted “Say Hello”, shit was cool tho. Ghostface sounded better than Jay on “Success”. The vocal sample used was fresh as hell, can’t front on that.

Best beats on here: “Pray”, “American Dramin”, “I Know” and “Fallin”. Hasan Insane is flippin’ the vocal samples to perfection…def a strong point for dude. As an overall project the shit is cop-able. Gangsta flick audio clips are a little cliche’ but it fits the “concept” so I’m not mad at it..but still. As a showcase for the production, shit did exactly what it was intended to do…as some blends tho..ehh hit or miss.