Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected, & DJ Simon Sez – Animaniacs

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I love me a DJ Unexpected intro. I say that in the most heterosexual way possible too. For you developmentally disabled individuals the concept of this project is Busta and Ludacris being animated over some brolic ass blends by the DJs mentioned above. Busta Rhymes hosts too and well if there are any real “animated” MCs it’s these two. Now we all know this dropped a while ago and I wasn’t gonna review it initially because I never get to enjoy a mixtape like I used to so I was just listening and marinating with it. Hevehitta sent it in again and as a favor to him and the DJs (poof),…here is the review.

Ludacris over “The Truth” is well just that. One of the most classic Beanie Siegel beats ever and he stabbed the shit outta of it. Simon Sez laced this one and rightfully so. There’s only really one DJ I know who could make “Flava In Ya Ear 2008 and that’s DJ Unexpected. I mean come on man, Biggie, ODB, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and Busta? This blend shit is like shooting ducks in a barrel for Unexpected. That raw Busta energy is evident on “This Is Why Were Hot”. This isn’t just elbow swinging music, this is elbow, knee, fist, ankle and head swinging music; spaz the fuck out already. Simon Sez seamless throws Ludacris into “Cha Cha Cha” with Busta and Rah Digga. “You suckas wanna battle?” Lol. You would never catch me ever ever ever listening to Luda and Bobby Valentino’s “Pimpin All Over The World” but Unexpected breathes new life into with Lisa Stanfields classic “Been Around The World”….one word—classic. When he drops the reggae in the end..it was truly a wrap; DJs don’t do it like that anymore. “Dangerous Flows” got mad changes to it. When Simon drops that Luda tho you had to get your bounce on. Only Unexpected could pull off flipping the beat for BBD’s “Poison” on “Ass For Days”. This blend sums up the theme of the mixtape.

I give props when it’s due and these DJs more than pulled off the concept. They took the time to actually capture the “animation” from both artist and it shows in the music. The one thing that stands out beyond most other MCs is the energy that Busta and Ludacris have and on a project like this using other MCs beats, for the most part, it could kill that energy. Not only did they not kill the energy they found a way to make it sound even better and that’s a credit to their ear for quality music.