Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected – Journey to the West

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I’m in the mood to journey west people, on some Oregon trail type shit but with a uzi and some bandana’s, maybe a couple of Mexican chics (no racial). You should know what Hevehitta and Unexpected bring to the table mixtape wise and if you don’t you must not really be a mixtape head.

Good lord that “California Triumph” freestyle from Jay Rock is concrete hard. That’s that music that makes you scrunch up your face like you just smelled a bloody tampon. I don’t think Eazy E gets his just due. That unreleased “Black Ni99a Killa” is dope. It def sounds dated but damn for those of us around when he was dropping this type of music it’s the shit. Can’t front on E’s story telling ability. The project got jewels on it too people. You know that rare shit you def won’t hear much anywhere else. Ice Cube’s “You Don’t Want To Fuck With These” is that high energy Cube and Dre and Snoops “Hoe Hopper” brings you into that pre-Chronic day and time. My only beef is MC Eiht was reduced to only a St. Ides commercial. MC Eiht got some classic cold ass track man. Def would have liked to hear old boy get some more shine. I never ever get tired of listen to Nipsey Hussle’s remix of “Hussle In The House. One of the better posse cuts to drop in the last couple years IMO.

I’m looking at the tracklist after the fact and I gotta give props cause the shit is a well balanced mixtape. You got your new “west” so to speak with Jay Rock and Nipsey Hustle which is a solid foundation in and of itself. Then you got your old with 2 Pac, Ice Cube, Dre and them which is the other part of the foundation. If I had to call it I’d say it’s a very calculated mixtape that was executed with crazy detail and an ear for that “g” shit.