Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected – Poetic Prophets (Nas X Mobb Deep)

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You know Big Chew had to crash the Poetic Prophets party with a proper mixtape review. Truth be told I coughed up the $3 just so I could hear Un do an intro. I fuck with Nas and Mobb Deep tho, who doesn’t?

So you say to yourself. Self, how many times can I listen to Mobb Deep and Nas? Well you listen to this project because we got some blends, we got some rarities and some breaks. Breaks? Yea you remember those parts of old records that cats sample to make classic anthems. Sampling, the foundation of all hip hop production.

As far as the blends go I was ridin’ to “Ain’t Hard To Tell”, scratched hook and all. What was that like 6-7 beats used on there too? Hevehitta must have dipped deep into his M-O-B-B archive because I never heard “Hold Down The Fort” before. That was def some 1993 shit. I was waiting for Havoc or P to unless a -igity or some other FUshnicken/Das Efx like flow. lol I can appreciate a tag-less version of Tales From the Hood as well. I’m still rocking the Clue version. “Give Up The Goods” can stay on repeat in my ride. That joint describes a whole few years for me back in the 90s. Perfect album cut to have on this project.

As for the breaks…#6, #7, & #8 all classic. That Norman Connors tho is easily a top 5 sample to use. Everything about that record is lovely. #13 always gets me open. That joint makes me want to dig out the ski mask. Break #19 always evokes some much needed emotion to a track. Break #22 is in the top 10 without question, especially with that baseline. Dead ass tho I prefer the Mobb Deep breaks to the Nas breaks. Mobb Deep have consistent thug anthems with those samples. Much more than Nas.

Poetic Prophets is a rarity in and of itself. It goes back to a time when originality and out the box concept thinking was more of the norm. You’d be lucking to find 1 maybe 2 projects drop this year similar to what Un and Hevehitta do. This is the mixtape world we live in and if any light can be shined on what they do let that mutha fucking light shine.