Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected – Wu Tang Clan: Executioners From Shaolin

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I love these types of mixtapes. You have to listen to them 6-7 times before you really “hear” everything they have to offer. It’s more than the music, it’s how the DJ(s) hear the music. You rely on the DJ to have an ear, an ear for that shit you like but how only they can put it together.
Very first listen I didn’t like the “Bring The Ruckus” demo mix or the “I Get Down For My Crown”. I was all amped up to hear something new and these are far from new or a blend or remix ect. After some listens tho, I understand the need for these and appreciate them even more. Listen to “Bring The Ruckus” then a joint like “House of Flying Daggers”. The growth as MCs is crazy. Very few MCs give a fuck about the craft itself but Wu shows and proves.

If you cop’d this mixtape you obviously know your Wu so no need to go track for track with a ton of highlights. It’s really about the mix, the flow and how the mixtape was put together.

Hev & Un give you the Wu foundation as the jump off and then follow it up with a breakdown of a particular member of the group. That breakdown set up comes in the form of old Kung Fu clips followed by the featured MCs most potent bars and an Unexpected remix here and there.

Not all Wu members get their solo shine tho. I would imagine that’s gonna be on part 2 or maybe even part 3…the Wu catalog is that deep. If I had to pick one members section tho it would be Ghostface Killah as “The Snake”. You get two remixes from both Un and Hev respectively then “Kilos” and “Daytona 500”. “Kilos” is my shit, can knock that joint all day.

This is a calculated project and I fuck with that. I like to have to think a lil bit with my mixtapes. If I wanted some mindless shit I would listen to a Trap-A-Holics mixtape on Dat Piff with my thumb in my ass. Regardless the project has those rare jewels that you might have even heard before but you haven’t heard them in the context of the rest of the mix and that’s what makes it a near classic. I say near cause with all the work the Wu put in you need a part two (or part 3) and when you combine them all they form like Vol-tron and you get your classic.