Rapmullet is a Dimez & Chew creation.

However, before Rapmullet we owned a Record Store called Da Spot Records. It was open from 1996-2000 and it was our education in the mixtape game. We sold mixtapes, CDs, vinyl, DJ equipment and t-shirts. Later on we also sold pagers and pre paid cell phones. See the business card below.

On Fridays we would shut down the store about 7PM and Dimez would get on the turntables and we would pass the mic around on some open cipher type shit. The below pic is what appeared above the DJ booth.

We did host a MC battle a few times 8 mile style and we also did parties usually with Dimez DJing or an out of town mixtape DJ. See the flier below.

In 2003 I made a website called Rapmullet.com. I had access to an old computer and was just messing around one day and went through the whole register the domain process and got a program that had a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor built into it and I slowly started to learn html. Talking to Dimez on the phone one day I mention the website, had him log on and check it out. At the time we were still listening to mixtapes and what not and came with the idea that he would write some reviews with a much different tone that you would normally read in a magazine or online. I started writing reviews like a year later as well. The whole premise was based around the fact we felt like mixtapes had started to fall off and by doing these reviews it would make DJs step their game up. That is the foundation of what Rapmullet was built on.