Hood Fella – The Astonishing Depression

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Welcome Hood Fella officially to the Rapmullet review section. This review has been long in the making and well worth the wait if you ask me. Lyrical? Yes sir. Authentic? Most def. One of the most slept on? Unfortunately…yes.

That “Careless Whisper” sample in the intro track spoke to me. Lol. Seriously tho, it did. It set the table for what the project is all about. If you are an up and coming MC and the masses don’t know about you then you have to introduce yourself and that’s what this track does. “Roar Back” is my shit. I had to listen mad times cause the way Hood Fella uses his words in this track is amazing. He’s one of the few MCs I’ve heard in a few years who uses words properly, on some Inspectah Deck type shit. That second verse…damn. Listen people. “Dolemite Man” is that vivid picture painted by Hood Fella. After that first verse you see the whole scene, cats rarely get descriptive like that now. It’s the third verse that makes you go “damn”, if you ever hustled you can relate. “You gotta know the climate , everything is timing”. Ahhh man preach! These young cats today don’t know nothing about “low key hustling” everyone trying to shine…and get caught. “Therapeutic” is that knock. Hood Fella reflecting on life, I can dig it cause not too many cats rhyming about karma and life lessons. Probably the most polished sounding track on the whole CD. Knowledge was dropped on “Timeless” people. I love that hook too, pure honesty for your ears. If there was joint I couldn’t get into it was “She Can Get It”. I mean HF added his style to that joint but that hook lost me. That 70s vibe rules on “Seems Like” featuring Dino West. “Gotta maintain the balance just to carry the faith”…life’s jewels in this one too.

The mixtape is dark, I mean you could tell by the title but still. I appreciate the honesty in the bars. You hear about those hard times, you can relate and sometimes you can’t and you’re just like…”damn”. Cats lived hard and seen some shit you haven’t. As a student of life you want to learn from those type of bars. You don’t get that on most artist mixtapes. As an MC Hood Fella is right there on the brink of stardom. You can sense it but that shit is elusive. If it’s one thing I’d like to hear in the future form HF, I’d like to hear him spit some happy shit to be honest. Something fun even. Some music to balance out that depression I guess.