Hoss – Reload Rebuild

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I gotta give a big shout out to Hoss. He’s a class act when it comes to MCs, he’s bout his business and he knows how the game works. I think he should write a book on how to be an MC on the come up. Covering all the little things like how to send a email blast properly or how to promote without annoying the hell out of everyone. Remember the game is to be sold.

DJ Radio setting the tone for the CD while Hoss lets the MIC loose on the “Reload Intro”. “Game Over” got my ear tho. Hoss with that rapid flow is a good look. He was fucking with the word play a lil sumthing too. Grand Larceny lace the beat for “Take It Back”. Hoss having fun with the song too, his hook game has improved. My favorite joint is “Hater Hush” with A-Pinks. Def a nice colaboration, two MCs with lyrics for days. The best true mixtape track was the “Drive Slow” freestyle. That beat compliments Hoss’ sound and the vibe of track is def that slow driving let your mind go type music.

This is Hoss at his best people. Not too many features and just enough real life lyrics. The best thing about Hoss is he just does him. No made up shootouts and moving keys at astronomical numbers. Shout to DJ Supreme for mixing the shit to perfection. Like I said in previous reviews its not about keeping it real its about keeping it honest and Hoss acomplishes that and more.