I Still Love This Game

Ahhh you thought this was gonna be about Basketball or some shit. This is Rapmullet baby, we all about the mixtapes. Ask yourself a question: Why do you love mixtapes? Not to answer for the masses but I think the element of having that one hot ass tape that no one else has is what draws people to this game. Come on man, when mixtapes were actually on tape how many times did you jack that new tape from your main man? Then you had that copy of a copy of a copy with mad air in the background. Ask Dimez how many tapes he got jacked for back in the day. He might have the tape for 1 day it comes up missing then like 2 weeks later be rollin’ with someone from the crew and that same tape was playing in the deck of that cats whip. It was the mixtape game within the mixtape game. That’s the shit I love.

As the Mixtape Game expanded and more Djs started to do their thing and making names you had the infusion of the Track list. No longer was it just Dj such and such Tape #5. I’m not gonna front when we used to hit the Hut back in the day, we were on some professor shit studying the mixtape book, tape after tape, track after track. Looking for that rare jewel of a mixtape. Back then you could cop tapes once a month maybe even two months. Djs were taking the time to make a quality product. That’s the shit I love.

Remember when Clue hit his stride? Cats would be like there’s a new Clue out. It would be like a feeding frenzy, shark mutha fuckas going nuts. Most people aint even check the tape, “New Clue tape? Let me get that.” I love the fact that you could have your favorite Djs and you knew what type of tapes they would drop. Djs had their own Mixtape Style. Shop owners used to clamor for a shout out on Djs tapes. Graphics were young in the game but it didn’t really matter, the tape sold based on the tracks. That?s the shit I love.

As a former Mixtape Shop owner, along with Dimez, I love the fact that we brought that hot shit to our area. To put cats on to something like Mixtapes was like giving back in a sense. I remember cats coming in not knowing who was who and what a mixtape was. It was like holding Mixtape class on the daily. Dimez and I used to educate cats, we were also grooming our future customers but all in all knowledge was spread. That’s the shit I love.

To be able to see some of the top djs now and how hard they worked to come up in the game. I remember getting a call from Greenlantern who saw one of Dimez’ tapes and called to shop his master and some cds. I think we cop’d 10 cds at like $4 a piece. We even got a shout out on his next few cds. I remember meeting Clinton Sparks, who came in our Store and wanted to put some cds on consignment and drop off some flyers. Had his box of cds along with a consignment agreement. Those cds sold too and he was right there next week to get his dough and drop off some more joints. Cats wanted it that bad and look where those two are now. Who’s next? Who’s gonna put in that work? That’s the shit I love.

I’m gonna ask you one more time: Why do you love mixtapes? If you real about yours hit up the message board and let the rapmullet community know your answer.