Ill Strip – Either You IS Or You Ain’t

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Can Delaware get some love in the building? Check ’em out at Welcome these cats to the review section and with that said let’s get it in early cause I got hella new artist mixtapes to get through so no more bullshittin’.

“The Lost Talents” got a knock to it people, the rhymes were cool but the beat was really holding my ear. “Moo Doo Gotta Story 2 Tell Pt.1” is some ill shit and true to the groups name. Moo Doo is cold man for real that’s a crazy story. I was diggin’ “Time To Roll Out”, def a fresh sound and the rhymes was polished, best track I heard so far. Moo Doo harmonizing is not the wheel, dude can rhyme but the little singing got me fast forwarding shit. Dookie on “This Ni99a That Ni99a” needs to work on the flow, his presence on the MIC is lacking. That true mixtape shit is “Either You Is Or You Ain’t” freestyle; straight raw rhyming. “Groupies” had the best hook on the CD, no need to harmonize just some catchy shit, a ill beat and you’re good to go.

Moo Doo is on that murderous type shit, which is cool but he still gotta find a way to separate himself from the rest of the millions of MCs out there. Young Strip needs work, he sounded a little weak on the track, maybe his vocals need to be higher or some shit. Uncle Stigz got a nice flow he on his way. Beat wise Mar-Var is on the verge, you can hear it man. You can tell some beats are dated but you can also see the progression in the sound when you compare some of the joints. I wouldn’t be reviewing the CD if I didn’t think cats had potential, it’s a constant grind in the studio, playing with flows, def working on hooks and perfecting a formula. Ill Strip can rhyme but now a days it’s more than that. If cats is trying to get signed and really do this they need to think about radio, they need to think about marketing, the overall look of a project from the mixtape cover on up.