Illa Ghee & DJ Mickey Knox – When The King Come Out

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Illa Ghee is not from Queens. He’s from Brooklyn and by the sound of “Question” if you say he’s from Queens again he’s gonna smack a snot bubble out your nose the size of a basketball. It’s that focused flow, that shit that borders on monotone and hypnotic. Plus he said he “gave nightmare’s to Dana Dane”…that was ill. Mickey Knox cutting shit up lovely on “The Raw”, that shit made me listen to the track that much more. “This’ll make a soft ni99a want to bust back”…lol classic. Illa Ghee stays with that witty raw shit. “Wit me” got that bounce, I Can fuck with this joint; BPMs are up a little and truth be told I think he sounds better over some faster shit. “I Am” is the anthem of the project in my opinion; neck brace sold seperately on the beat. Not only that it’s one of the best hooks I’ve heard all year so far. I dig the vibe of “Jacuzzi”; Illa Ghee showing the versatility on the MIC but still keeping the punch lines on point. The title track, “When The King Come Out” is liquid…Illa Ghee’s flow is that smooth on this beat and it’s def one of his strong points as an MC overall. Def don’t sleep on “I’m A Classic” either…this beat will have you at the chiropractor fucked up and Illa Ghee flipped more words than Marlo flipped weight.

As far as this mixtape goes it’s def bangin’. Mickey Knox laced the shit skill wise, highlighting shit when it needed to be highlighted and added to the project like a DJ should. Production wise the shit was on point too. Cats def kept it consistent throughout and gave Illa Ghee some hot shit to burn bars over. Lyrically Illa Ghee does his thing. His voice, flow and hooks make him a threat in the game. He’s got anthems and is providing quality theme music for the realness out there. Content wise shit is pretty much the same throughout. He’s the best on the MIC, he bust his gun, he get’s his shine on, he does his thing in the hood ect. For me tho I could have used some more balance. It’s cool to be the best, that classic braggin’ shit is a part of it but I need to hear that message too, that story telling aspect. He adds that to the repertoire and then we can talk classic mixtape.