& DJ Nice – Nobody’s Famous

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Fame is wack if you ask me. For one thing you can be famous and be broke and that my friends is super wack. I come from the school of get the money fuck the fame. I like the direction on this mixtape tho; plain and simple it features nobody famous. Just a bunch of hungry MCs deserving of some shine.

“Gangstar” is that head nod. Hots got bars man and over the right production he’s on his way to the top. Bossman got flow on this one too, can’t sleep on him either. Slick Watts bringing that bounce to the table with “I Need Cake”…the punchlines are heavy. I’ve heard cats use the beat for “Party Like A Rockstar” to death but Bob Kennedy’s version “Rockstar Freestyle” def held my ear. Beat wise DJ Nice laced “City Streets” while Hood Fella flipped words with ease. Montega got an ill hook with “The Truth Is Here”, although I don’t think that beat did the song justice…we need a remix. Good to hear Big Cas on the MIC again with “Am I Wrong”. Tom Gist and A-Mafia with “21 Guns” was a good look too. As far as all around sounds go the best track up on here was Phene with “Pressure”. From the beat, to the flow, to the hook, to the word play, to the confidence on the MIC shit just came together for Phene. Most of all the track had a theme and the lyrics fit that theme…a lost art in todays music.

This project right here is a good jumping off point. The last half of 2007 is all about developing your mixtape “series” and Nobody’s Famous needs to continue on. Not only is it good promo for Illroots it showcases DJ Nice’s production and it gets quality MCs heard. Right now cats are building the foundation and through consistency the potential of Nobody’s Famous could very well make someone….famous.