Intense – The Calm Before The Storm

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There are talented MCs everywhere in the world today; from Canada to Orlando to Maine to Europe and beyond. One place you cannot sleep on is upstate NY. Even tho they happen to produce the one and only infamous DJ Finch we still won’t hold it against them. They don’t get as much credit as they probably should but there are quite a few MCs poised to do big things.

With an MC name like Intense you would expect the MIC style to be the same and he def lives up to it. I didn’t care for the beginning on the intro but the flow was proper. Not many MCs can go rapid fire and really make sense and that’s where Intense was getting his shine on. “Realize” got the ill vocal sample, I know the original but it’s not coming to me right now. Intense is “demanding your attention”, I like that shit. Yo the track Intense really really got his shit off was the freestyle over “Give Up The Goods”. Now that’s a mixtape beat for your ass, and I quote: “I got all this fire to use and no desire to loose.” Plus Intense giving you a little “industry” game on the verse too. Jaz-O still got it too…still getting at Jay Z I see. The deepest track up on here is “Flipside”. Intense opening up a little bit, giving the people music to relate to while getting some wity punchlines off. The versatility doesn’t stop. “History Of Violence” is showcasing the story telling ability wrapped in message for the masses. That’s def a lost art in today’s hip hop. The sleeper track of the CD was “Know I Ride”, this cat Pages got his shit off sounding proper on that beat.

I was torn on the actual tape rating with this project. Content wise I was impressed. Intense def has something to say, he has a message and he knows how to put it together. The concept records are a good look, one of Intese’s strong points. He may actually want to think about flipping a whole concept mixtape or album. Intense can flat out rhyme, I was disappointing he never really went back to that same flow in the intro. That shit was holding my ear, got me rewinding and that’s how you want to get at cats. I still think Intense is looking for his own sound tho. Pop Off Productions, Don Notz did they thing production wise. It sounds to me like it’s a work in progress to find that perfect marriage between the beats and Intense’s voice…when it all comes together tho is when you will hear that hit record. In the end, for me personally, the content and message out weighed the things that still need work.