Is Their a Gap….?

Do you think there’s an age gap between hip hops older and younger generations? You may not know it, but there is indeed a gap. It separates the new school and the “old heads” that have been listening to hip hop long before I was even thought of. As I sat back and watched my little brother look at videos on YOU TUBE, I noticed that all he did was listen to songs like, “Fly High”, “Walk It Out”, and “Chicken Noodle Soup”. Now to my brother and most of America’s youth this is hip hop. To me its just “bubble gum”. But as I watched my brother throw his stack of one dollar bills in the air and scream “baaaallin”, all I could do was shake my head. How did hip hop get to this point? At the age of five our youth are thinking their balling and trying to imitate every “pseudo-gangster” they see on television. One of the reasons is there is no middle ground. It’s either old school or new school. The two have no grey area. There is a lack of knowledge and understanding between the two. How many of you from the new school, i.e., the younger generation of hip hop can name two songs by Rakim, or even knew who the real Roxanne was before watching beef? Who made the track “Flash to the Beat?” If you can’t answer one of those questions don’t beat yourself up over it, because it’s the old heads turn to answer a couple of new school questions. Now you old heads, i.e., those from the older generation of hip hop, can any of you name at least two songs by Hell Rell? How about Young Leak? Do you know who he is, or can you name the group that made “Project Chick”? There will continue to be a separation between the two groups until there is a generation of hip hop educated on both the old school and the new. Hip hop is the fastest growing culture, but until we can understand one another, we can’t possibly expect outsiders to respect us!