J.A. & Devin The Dude – O.T.G Smoke One for Your Brother

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Welcome J.A. and Devin The Dude to Rapmullet.com. Of course when you think of Devin The Dude you think smoked out and pimped out but it’s more than that. Devin The Dude is just having fun doing what he do and it shows in the music. If you never heard a Devin The Dude song in your life……I feel sorry for your mother, your father and your fat ass sister with the club foot. I haven’t even listened to the CD yet cause I have to go through my review check list for this one: CD-check, headphones-check, computer turned on-check, bong-check (that’s right a bong, I’m bringing it back true white boy style), lighter-check, some mid- grade schwag with mad stems-check. I’m good.

“Gettin High” is my favorite track on the whole CD. I think I listened to this on repeat for twenty minutes. The beat got those “landlord knocking on your door cause the rents late” type knocks, sounds like Biggie’s “Story To Tell” and the laid back vibe complimented my bong hits well. Sani G does his thing over “Pussy”, he needs to drop some new music already. “Toast To The Pussy” is the track of tracks right here: got the vagina covered man aka the “sideways smile”. Devin The Dude is a professor of the pussy, easily the most potent theme throughout this CD. The bass on this beat is thick man and the hook! Man peep the hook: “Let’s give a toast to the pussy ya’ll / and to the wet clitoris and the pussy walls.” I need to find that instrumental, shit got me open. The joint that got me feeling fresh ta def though is “Fresh Rims & Vogues”. You know I was thirsty as hell after some bong hits so this was my theme music on the way to the store. I couldn’t get that hook outta my head. Infectious is not the word for that shit, call it pandemic.

The slow, funk’d out, bass heavy, musical as hell tracks are the joints I fuck with on this CD. Like I said above, Devin The Dude just having fun the rhymes man. You got to admire that. The production on here is crazy as well; some of the best beats I’ve heard in a minute. Lyric wise that shit is straight forward like no other. Ain’t no one out there rhyme like Devin The Dude man, plus his hook game is on point. Honestly I thought I was gonna get sick of all the pussy themed tracks but he kept it fresh every time with either some crazy ass story or just some raw funny shit. It’s entertainment at it’s best and it’s a lost art, cause MCs don’t do it like this anymore. Props to J.A. for putting together some hot shit for the masses. He got me diggin’ through my closet looking for my old Devin The Dude CDs.