J.Period & Q-Tip – The [Abstract] Best Vol. 1

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No DJ does a “best of” project like the one they call J. Period. It’s that audio/mixing documentary mixtape style that separates J. Period from the pack. Let me put you up on something real quick too. Very rarely do you get a classic mixtape that is void of any type of skill, so to all you “marketing and promotion” ass DJs who think that’s all you need to do “while moving units” your shit will never be classic. This project right here is what you get when you combine “skill” with that “marketing and promotion”…classic.

You know this music already, or at least you should so there’s really no need to give you track highlights. The little nuances in the mix make it classic. The short well placed vocal clips that add to a remix. The attention to detail really. That’s the shit that keeps you listening and once you’re hooked then you get to hear some of J. Periods remixes like his version of “Get Up The Goods”. (My favorite M-O-B-B song) or “Breathe & Stop”.

Now, the Q-Tip Interludes set the tone for the music. He’s giving you history, setting the stage before you hear that final product. What the vibe was like in the studio or the story behind connecting with what would become The Native Tongues. Or how Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away” influenced “Award Tour”. Or the story behind Tips would be protege Hood and his verse on Scenario and just his whole story. That information is invaluable to this project and in the end makes you appreciate the music that much. Truth be told that’s what a true “best of” mixtape should do.