Jae Styles – Bars In The Hood

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Jae Styles up in the Rapmullet review section. DJ Spazmatik is keeping the project-moving, shout to him. With a title like Bars in the Hood, I’m ready. Better some jewels on here too.

I’m diggin the Stack Bundles assisted on the hook “Make It Rain”. It’s your standard get money track but it’s fly none the less. The bars is raw as hell on “Rush”, the hook was a little lengthy tho. On the real, I’ve heard a lot of cliché lyrics up to this point. You know what I mean…”game in a choke hold”, “feel like Jay, the city is mine”, “bubble gum and hard dick”, “stones on my neck call ‘em nowandlaters”. I mean you can’t deny the flow, it’s there, it’s decent but the lines is kinda average right now. I like the potential of “Truth Hurts” tho. This is that well-rounded music, from the hook to the verse’s to the production. Easily the most polished track of the mixtape. On the mixtape flip side of things, “Menace II Society” is cool as a fan.

Being 100 percent honest, I thought the bars were average on this project. I fuck with Jae Styles but I think he needs to challenge himself some more, expand the lyrical content. It’s so hard to stand out from the masses today and your standard braggadocio style with a few slick lines isn’t gonna cut it. I think he has potential or I wouldn’t have even bothered to review the project. I gave the mixtape 2 ½ tapes for the simple fact the project as a whole was well put together, it flowed well, Spazmatik did his job and the radio interview clips fit well too. We’ll have to wait and see how Jae Styles responds lyrically. It’s time for him to separate himself from the pack and grow as an MC.