Jail Break Recordz/DJ Mo Fire/DJ Fade – Wu Affiliated (Chamber #1)

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How many of ya’ll miss ODB? I know I do. Fade had me open off the intro dropping that shit “fucking with my style”. I need to hear that ODB track cutt the fuck up right now. Timbo King is hosting and dude does a good ass job too. If you’re not up on Timbo you need to be he raw with the rhymes. I know ya’ll saw that cover too, Fuerte Graphics doing his thing on the low, lacing joints man. I love it.

The first joint that really got to me was “I Ain’t Trying to Hear it” Prodigal Sun never sounded so good on the MIC. Logic got some shine on “Chi King” over a crazy ass beat. Don’t sleep on Logic people he has a white water flow that’s killing shit. My new anthem is “Timbs/Tire Bottoms”. My Timbs are so scuffed up and comfortable I could sleep is those shits man. The sleeper track of the CD is “Gunz Come Out” with E40, WC and Northstar. RZA back on his shit with this beat. I didn’t think E 40 would sound good on this but he did his thing as usual. The shit that made we wanna randomly mug an old person was “Alleyway Hustlers”. La the Darkman along side of Kool G Rap? Get the fuck outta here, this track is extra dope for your veins.

Mo’ Fire & Fade do their thing as usual. The CD is well put together as is every Jail Break Recordz release. Wu Tang is more than relevant to hip hop in 2006. Maybe not sales wise but artistically they still on point and don’t even question the lyrics. Easily heavy rotation for this CD people, if you don’t have it go get it. I got mine right next to my Ghostface Hidden Darts Part One. DJs or artist get at www.jailbreakrecordz.com, they good peoples over there and they do good business.