Jail Break Recordz Presents: Logic – Da Ghetto Celeb

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I told ya’ll the Logic review was coming. Welcome, and shout out to Jail Break Recordz as well. Truth be told I never heard Logic till I got the DJ Fade and DJ Diggz CD but I liked what I heard. He def has alot of features on this CD but I’m really checking the joints he holds down solo as that is the true test of a complete MC; can you hold your own by yourself.

DJ Fade on the intro did his thing people. This is the first artist CD that I can say they actually played the best track first. “Who Is U Looking At” is a polished track, word play is cool with the hook, throwing in a little pun as well. The beat is proper and the tempo fits Logic’s style; slow enough for him to get his shit off and fly enough to hold your ear for the duration of the song. Logic can def hold his own solo and he can also hold it down on a feature. Capone slides through on “Hit At The Board” to lace a sixteen over a semi knocking/semi annoying beat. For all you smokers out there, Logic got an anthem for you with “That’s Dat Shit”. Freestyle wise, Logic and 40 Cal shoot ya shoes off with “Street Diplomacy”. You get to see some versatility on “Can’t U See”. The rhyme is somewhat introspective and it gives you a look into Logic’s thinking.

The beats on here were a little up and down. “Some Brooklyn Shit” with it’s club appeal didn’t move me. I say if you’re gonna try to hop on a beat like this make it club and keep your subject matter away from the guns and drugs stuff, keep it fly, witty and let the ladies feel you some how. Some of the know beats were a little dated but this project could have dropped a minute a go. (This Is How We Do & New York aren’t cutting it right now). Gotta say one of the tightest verse was on “Get To Know Me”, too short though.

First and foremost it’s safe to say Logic got skills on the MIC. DJs, fans ect hit up www.jailbreakrecordz.com see what it is. Bottom line with me is we need a new CD, something current on some true mixtape shit. I fucks with this CD but I want a new joint. lol. On the real Logic is right there. A little bit of work on the hooks maybe, tighten up the flow and step the beats and it’s a wrap.