Jay Faire – Jiggy Blends Pt. 34

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I’m gonna resurrect an old phrase Dimez said in an old review; “I wouldn’t spark a blunt with a silly bitch to this CD”. Wow a whole 17 tracks on a blend CD, slow down partner you killing ’em. That’s right people, NYC’s #1 Blend Master is back in the Rapmullet review section. For those that don’t know, Jay Faire was one of those DJs that submitted CDs back when we first started thinking it was all good and then ended up hittin’ up Dimez on some “what the fuck” type shit after his reviews were posted. LOL

In all fairness the “So Sick” blend was half way decent but at 3:15 runs way too long. Mr. Faire hits the people in the head with some reggae blends too. “Kuff” b/w “Window Shopper” and “Champion” b/w “Fireman”. The joints were on beat but when you end damn near every blend by hitting the power button the creativity just isn’t the same. The “Next Episode” blend was generic as hell. Like buying the store brand O’s from the grocery store when you really wanted Cheerio’s. At least Jay was transforming on parts of the blend, shit needs work though. I don’t even know why any DJ would try to blend “Get Busy” let alone mix that shit with “I Just Wanna Luv U”. (shakes head). If you peeped the tracks list you weren’t buggin’ out; that is “Country Grammer” you saw on there. Listening to this was like stubbing your toe over and over again. Props to Jay for blending “Hate It or Love It”, the world def needs another blend of this track. I know the acapellas gotta run deeper than this.

Just when I was about to got out and start cop’n wack CDs a gift from god (anonymous email) sent me a link to download this CD. I feel like I just poured 45 minutes of my life down the toilet. That’s right the shit was only 45 minutes long. That’s what we call half-assin’ it big time. Yea I know Jay Faire does his thing down south (supposedly) and he tours ect but I really don’t give a fuck. A wack CD is a wack CD. I feel sorry for the people that actually pay money for this shit but hey, what the fuck do I know, he still making money. Props on getting over Mr. Faire and keeping the Rapmullet Murder of the Month alive.