Joell Ortiz – Covers The Classics

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What do you have in your Ipod this morning? The Eminem CD? The Cam CD? Whitney Houston? Another Bad Creation? Nahhhhhhhh man you NEED to have “Cover The Classics” in you Ipod. I’ve said it time and time again, classic beats win on mixtapes every time…especially if you can rhyme like Joell Ortiz.
DJ Green Lantern handling bizness and keeping this mixtape moving. I mean Joell rocking 60 second mixtape flips one after the other, classic beat after classic beat, bars hard enough to shatter teeth.

You wanna talk about adapting your flow. Joell owns “Rappers Delight” plain and simple. Most MCs would stumble on that beat and not know how make it theirs. “Treat Me Right” shows you that Joell would have been shinning had he been popin’ in 1990, probably be a household name by now too. Content wise “Industry Enemy #1” keeps the current climate of hip hop music in ya ear. If you hop on a Rakim beat you better be ready and “I Can’t Go Broke” is some ready ass music. My favorite shit on here? “Uptown Anthem”…easy. Green bringing back like that and lines like “I’m real I’m not my garbage competition that chase dough…”. Joell paints an ill picture of his hip hop come up with “T.R.O.Y”. “The Whut” is neck brace music, head nod all day. You hear how Joell steps up the word play on “Intercourse” so he lives up to the original, that’s that shit. I can’t remember another MC rhyming over “High Roller”. I gotta give props on that beat selection. The real jewel might just be “Rene’s Revenge”. That’s story telling at it’s best people. “Goin To Miami” had me laughing but truthfully he rocked that shit, LL flow and all.

Homage was most def paid on this one. It’s a straight classic and here’s why. It’s got everything a mixtape should have. Musically Joell gives ya’ll a lesson on how to own another MCs beat. He tweeks his own concept of the original, rocks each joint just long enough and proceeds to give the MIC a workout. In this microwave culture it’s just enough to hold the listeners ear before the next new track comes in. The cover is crack too and most importantly the timing is impeccable. Cats are fiendin’ for something like this right now, classic beats the bars to match and some good ass weather.