Joell Ortiz & Frequency – Road Kill

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I stopped smoking weed for a minute but I had to come back to it. Shit was calling me man. Figured I’d bust down some mixtape reviews and relive some stress too.
Joell last mixtape was a classic. Can he top it? Maybe. Will their be some crazy ass music on here? And you know this man.

I’m not gonna claim like I know who Frequency is but I imagine he’s a producer. I don’t stay up on producers like that. Just like everyone’s a rapper, everyone’s a producer now too. He produced “Ortiz In This Bitch” and that shit was late rent landlord knocking material. Ortiz took a big healthy lyrical dump on the track too.

One of the reasons Joell shines like he does on his mixtapes is he knows how to own another cats beat. Peep “Taking My Ball”. Owned it. “You got the urine dick, you’re broads leave pissed”…ahahaha. Rewind this mutha fucka, it’s that good. I’m fucking with “Popular Demand”. I can appreciate the honesty. The one joint I couldn’t fuck with tho was “Run This Town”. I hate that beat with the fucking duck sound in it. Should’ve left this one alone homie, sounded forced. “Stalker” was deep with an ill concept that’s all real life material. “Vinnie Vega” dope as hell. That beat with the story telling element you can’t go wrong.

I’m skipping around right now on the rest of this joints. Bars are sharp but Joell needs the right backdrop to give those bars the right shine. “Happy Birthday Pun” was rewind material, must be the classic beat again. Joell as sharp lyrically as anybody touching MICs right now. I also dig that he’s being a lil more consistent with the new music/projects. Gotta keep the fans fed enough and still fiendin for more and Road Kill accomplishes that.