Jon Hope – To Whom It May Concern…

centered image welcomes Jon Hope to the review section. This joint is hosted by S-Class who def has a gift of gab but he held the CD down. Jon Hope hails from Providence Rhode Island, they def got a lot of talent out in RI. Peep the title of the CD and understand the concept, can’t walk you through this one readers, gotta think a little.

First track that got my attention is “By My Self “, with the creeping piano and knocks it’s a straight head nod. Peep the flow people as he “valet parks on the beat”, I like that line. My favorite joint is “I’m Not A Rapper”. Just some real shit for the people, nothing glossy, straight rhyming for self. Jon Hope is another MC that knows who he is and ain’t catering to nobody. Usually interludes bog down a new artists mixtape but Jon Hope is dropping jewels on these interludes for real. I’d tell you what he said but it more than fits the theme of the CD and you’re not getting the spoiler from me. The best one was the “we-bout-to” cats, shit had me rolling. One of the best tracks I heard in a minute on any CD is “Brad ” (the Scarface Dedication), paying homage to a MC who’s actually a living legend, emphisis on “living”. Peep it. DJs get a Jon Hope: and…don’t sleep.

To whom it may concern….Jon Hope is talking to some of ya’ll reading this, stop frontin’. I got one phrase to sum up this whole CD, the whole vibe, the whole concept…..To whom it may concern…cat’s are scared to be themselves! True fucking story man, stop frontin’ for no reason and do you. Jon Hope is doing Jon Hope, he’s not a rapper….he’s just a man.