K.A.R & Suge White – Gay Unit

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First off I’m not a Fat Joe fan, so him hosting is pointless to me cause he ain’t been the same since “Flow Joe” in my eyes. He does his thing and he got his money when he switched his style up, I aint mad at it but I can’t fuck with his new music like that. I understand the “beef” thing and it def raises the level of exposure but beyond that it’s not necessary cause it always comes down to the music on the mixtape…not the next mans beef. Suge White gets it in so I’ll listen regardless.

To get the “beef” shit out the way, cats have some valid points about G Unit and vice versa about Fat Joe. I say chalk it up to cats trying to sell some records and get some attention cause if it was me I’m not saying shit…just plotting. “Poppin Off” is still the best track on here…fuck that. This truly is that sound check uzi music. Sean Kingston on the hook of “I’m Gangsta” is a good look. Rob Cash lays this beat to rest too. Mike Beck lyrically crushes coke on “Victim”…he got his bars up. The mixtape flip “Onez” was dope, cats owned 50’s beat something fierce. Rob Cash said it best on “It Is What It Is”…”this that knock right here”…most def. That dude Leader got his bars up on “Mafia Music” shit was cool as a fan. “You Ain’t Hard” got potential…the beat with that hook is an anthem. I will say K.A.R went in and then some on “Times Running Out” remix. That shit was powerful, cats def gave that song it’s edge.

It’s a showcases bitches…K.A.R getting there shine. I can def dig that, you want that added exposure; beef or no beef. The thing that stands out to me the most tho, is cats can stand on their 2 own without Fat Joe. That’s how you know it’s only a matter of time before the legend grows even more. The movement is strong and won’t be denied.