K. Sparks – The Future Problem Vol. 3

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Welcome K. Sparks to the review section. This Queens MC has been doing his thing for a minute, dropping multiple projects as well as appearing on numerous mixtapes over the last couple years, The first time I heard a K. Sparks track was on a DJ Fade mixtape so props to Fade for not only recognizing talent but shinning the spot light on up coming MCs from NYC. Just off that one track I heard off the Fade mixtape I can’t tell you anything else about K.Sparks as an MC. He’s billing himself as a future problem….lets see why.

While the “Green Lantern” freestyle was cool and all it didn’t nearly impress like “Chicky Boom”. Now personally that song title is a little corny but titles aside this track should have set the CD off. The guitar riff in this track is some crazy ass shit and Sparks was spittin’ with that pearl white handle flow; the word play was top notch too. In the same respect, “Tilt and Lean” was murderous too. I mean the increased BPM got K. Sparks shinning like a mutha fucka. Peep when that bass drops too…another joint that can bump in the ride or the club. No lie…my favorite joint was “Love Jones” with Tina Quallo on the hook. This track was just smooth, I was in the whip laid back to this shit. “Ghetto Jazz” was cool, def not your average mixtape track…I like the fact K. Sparks isn’t afraid to take chances with the sounds. Content wise he’s hitting on different topics, with a lil story telling like on “It’s On” and always staying sharp witted with the word play.

Shout to DJ OB, he really kept shit moving on here. Just the little bit of skills on joints like “Chicky Boom” and “Tilt and Lean”; bringing the records back let you know the shit you were about to hear was gonna be some fly shit. A couple things impressed me about K. Sparks; his flow and delivery were crazy and he was not afraid to “naturally” drop a potential club track. A lot of MCs go into the booth forcing shit to a certain sound but he kept it au natural. The main thing tho with this project is you can tell K. Sparks truly knows who he is and it shows in the content of the music.