KaySlay – Can’t Stop The Reign 3

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I might not be able to “STOP THE REIGN”, but I damn sure don’t have to listen to it more than the one time it takes to review! KAY SLAY drops some bangers, but just like every other “exclusive” DJ, every now and then they hit you with some bullshit that makes you angry enough to go see Muhammad and “ass or cash” (kick his ass or get the $ back for you slow bastards) on getting your paper back.

First off, who the fuck said that the remix to “CAN’T STOP THE REIGN” was “booger sugar”? I was reading XXL and they had the nerve to front like the shit was hot! I wonder who KAY & GREG wrote the check out to, because I don’t give a fuck who’s writing SHAQ’S shit, you can’t “G dough stack” a nigga from HARLEM. I know trash when I hear it! I’m getting off the subject, because it isn’t this single track that’s holding the release back; it’s the lack of material that hasn’t made its way around like SUPA HEAD. Other then the tracks that feature PAPOOSE, KAY got beat to the punch by BIG MIKE, SUPERSTAR JAY, and DJ L! In the immortal words of JAMES BROWN, “I don’t know what this world is coming to!”

“Chicken noodle soup/wit a soda on the side” Now I know why dudes from the South fuck with that “LAFFY TAFFY”. I hate “CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP”, but that shit gets the club open and their from HARLEM, so I gotta show them some love, but there was no reason for KAY to drop that shit on an “exclusive” mixtape. It’s on heavy rotation in the city and I know KAY has a longer arm than our local radio station, but I would have made it the last track! Better yet, save it for one of your party joints.

Now that I vented, I have to give it to PAP, because I under digs the “LAW LIBRARY PT. 3”. I might be one of the last critics that believe that provided PAP gets the right tracks, he’s going to be at the forefront of the “NEW NEW YORK”. He still has a lot to prove and I’m not talking about signing million dollar deals, because we are the home of paid failures right now!