Kev Samples & DJ Whoo Kid – The Death Of R&B

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When I saw this mixtape I cracked a smile. Like when you see a person fall down but you really don’t wanna laugh but the shit is funny. I think Whoo Kid would co-sign just about anybody if the $$ was right. Where was Dan Akroyd on this CD? He’s about as relevant to mixtapes as the Klu Klux Klan. Back to this dude Kev Samples. An R&B singer “dissin” other R&B singer is like a pillow fight in a pink padded room. No highlights on this one people, it’s that bad.

Here’s a couple of quotes from Kev :
“R&B needs something else. Something exciting, something fun, something to change it.” “There’s no deep seated beef here, but if one of them wants to take it there, I won’t have a problem with that. Hopefully one of those cats will come back at me. I know how to keep it on wax.”

You know what R&B needs? Some singers who actually sing. No more fluffy 16 bars from generic rappers, no more overly sexual lyrics that don’t even make sense. You would think these cats walk up to chics with there dicks out talking about “how you doing ma?” He knows how to keep in on wax, lol pure comedy. How sad is R&B now that this is what it comes too. Not much you can do about it either. The labels aren’t about to stop shoveling shit to the masses. You know how it goes; if all you’re fed is shit then well that’s what your going to buy and ultimatley like.

So what did we learn? Well, Kev Samples failed miserably here and knows how to keep it on wax. Oh and Whoo Kid is the king of the 12 track mixtapes. Ahhh mixtape money well spent.