King Smij, Dirty Harry, Mista Rello, DJ Blazita – We Are Classic (Blend Gems Special Edition)

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That’s right…for all you blend heads out there in the world today Smij dropped another Blend Gems joint. The average fan probably won’t know about the Blend Gem history. Ask one of those cats at MTV Mixtape Monday and they’ll probably want to know what’s the name of the MC who dropped the “Blend Gem”. They might even tell you that “blends” are wack…wouldn’t surprise me.

Smij brought Dirty Harry, Mista Rello and DJ Blazita to the party so you know it’s a special occasion. Shout to King Smij for keeping the “art form” going forward and for producing those dope artist videos too. If you don’t already know…Three Headed Monster is a fitting moniker.

Right out the gate I hated the “Let It Go” blend. It could be that I’m not a fan of the song or it could be the beat used…”Fully Loaded Clip”. On my first listen the phrase…”This is some bullshit” def popped into my head, luckily things never got this bad again. Dirty Harry’s blend was only 1:44 but it was strong like bull. Shit sounds like a grand production…you gotta love how Dirty Harry gets down. The three beat blend of “”What We Do” was that beat a bitch with your shoe music I was fiendin’ for. The same could be said for the “B.Q.E” Monster Mix; Nas be saying some shit. Mista Rello section of the project picked up the pace a lil bit. Now I def don’t want to hear “I Get Money” but over “Shook One’s Pt. 2” it just sounded right and when he brought back the original just for the hook I was a believer. On the flip side tho, that “Crank Dat” blend was a hard listen for me. Rello opened it up with that Mario joint “How Do I Breath” for some straight highway theme music. Smij kept me on the highway with “Family Affair” and “You Rock My World” blends. My favorite joint might be “Rock The Boat” tho. This shit should have been called the steel vagina mix because Smij flipped this joint on its ear. I was fucking with that Usher joint “You Got It Bad” too…straight head nod people. Don’t front, you know the words to Ginuwine’s “Differences”…you’re soft as a marshmallow. Lol. I haven’t’ heard too many DJs fuck with Donnell Jones in a blend so that “Renegade” joint had me open. The Luther assisted “Take You Out” was cool as fan too…don’t sleep.

The project itself was a little up and down…your standard peaks and valleys type shit. Mista Rello and Smij def did the damn thing. From what I could tell Dirty Harry and Blazita only had one blend each on here so I can’t really say they went all in. I think Smij should drop solo tho on some blend shit. It would make the project sound more cohesive even if it was just a collection of blends without any real concept. I wouldn’t say the joint is classic but it has its classic moments.