King Smij – Jaheim’s 90 Minute Freak Off

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The Honorable one is back to grace us with his mixtape presence. You know why I like this here CD? Because there isn’t any got damn rapping on it. Nothing like a limp 8 bars from an MC on and mellow R&B; track to literally make you limp. Don’t fool ya self, even the hardest of thug’d out crack slinging dudes likes to mellow out with some R&B.;

My thing is like this; if you’re going to fuse elements of hip hop with R&B; let it be in the beat. Flip a sample or some shit, leave the rappin’ for another day and another genre. Smij on some smooth shit with this project. Go get a shape up, break out your Sunday best and don’t forget the Drakar. (lol) I’m not really gonna highlight too much cause it is what it is; from “Put That Woman First” to “Me & My Bitch” to “Back Tight” to “Fabulous”. Shit is mellow, its straight singing and a proper listen from beginning to end.

I ran this CD back to back on the highway yesterday, shit had me zoned out man and I was mad relaxed. Sometimes you need a break from the bang bang corner music. Smij did the transitions proper with the quiet storm mix and his drops were not intrusive to the music at all. Just another “notch” in the mixtape belt for Smij. Shelf life people…’s a beautiful thing.