Knotty Dread & Dolla Cham – Mission Impossible

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This is how you do a fucking reggae CD people. 92 tracks, 15 riddims, reggae exclusives and some bangin’ re-fixes. If you’re a reggae head lick off a shot one time because you got a new CD to listen to. Me personally I like that thump in reggae beats. If you don’t know what I mean too bad, its just a plain simple: thump thump, thump thump with some fly shit over it. Can never go wrong when you keep it simple stupid.

Dem Time Deh Riddim is just what I described above. Straight thump and I challenge you to say the chorus for “No Non On Ono”…..I didn’t think so. Even more potent is the Bad Belly Riddim. “Guns Pop Off” is that the shit but Ward 21 kills it on “Garrison”. You know I had to hit the highway on “Ah Yuh Friend Dem Bad” over the Top Dawg Riddim. Ahhh I know they had to have some ass shaking music for the ladies man. The Sneeze Riddim supplies the back drop to the sweaty thong section of the CD, ladies I hope you have a spare in your purse. As far as the re-fixes go “Where My Gunz At” with Biggie was crazy on some military marching type shit. “Hmm Hmm” pops off over the “Touch It” beat and then flows right into “Pussy Cat” on some whisper type shit. I wasn’t really feeling the Wipe Out Riddim but I can see the club appeal.

There is a ton of music on this CD people, too many highlights. Just go cop it already and ride out. These cats put in some hard work for real. I don’t usually add to many reggae CDs to the rotation of music in my ride but it’s a must this time out. Be warned though, I was tired as hell after listening to this joint straight through, it’s an emotional roller coaster. They hit you with bout 60 seconds of most joints so its rapid fire one track after track.