Kochece – The Devil Wears Nike

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It’s funny to me man, Kochece gets hate like he’s the George W Bush of mixtapes. I’ve had a couple people email me on some “your gonna give Kochece a classic mixtape review because he advertised on your website when he really sucks.” I’ve never gotten emails like that before and to think that cats would even consider buying a “classic” rating. Go ask the two or three disgruntled DJs and MCs who have advertised with us before about “buying” a rating and just got the truth. Other websites and magazines do that shit but not over here. If it’s dope it’s dope whether you advertised or not and if its trash it’s trash just the same. On some mixtape shit I don’t really mess with Kochece like that. I don’t seek out his mixtapes, although he has some dope concepts from time to time, but when you get past the bullshit and actually listen to him as an MC you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Damn…Unexpected speaking with his fo real on that “Sole Brother #1” intro. Its rare to find a DJ who can make an intro say something these days. For those that don’t know where Kochece is coming from lyrically, just say he’s on that leaving dents in the pavement type shit. Kiotti slides thru on “Shower Posse” with that verbal weapon. “What You Gonna Do” borrows from Jay Z on the hook but the shit is knocking. “Its hard to get a job, but easy to get a pack”. Kochece breaks down the hood to a T. “Me, Myself and Irene” was that mixtape music. The title is funny as hell, plus the way he recorded it sounds like he’s arguing with three different Kochece’s. He said, “I’m gonna sodomize that bitch / give her ATM / thats ass to mouth till she passes out.” Hahahaha, classic. Kochece don’t give a fuck. “Fuck Myspace” is another mixtape flip. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an MC use that beat either. I could tell you what it is but now you’ll have to peep it for yourself to hear what I’m talking about. I wasn’t really diggin the flow on this one tho. “Pirates of the Carribean” with DJ Drama got that ill beat and Kochece breaks down the mixtape game in an ill way too. “Grown Man Hustlin” is Kochece breaking down his come up. “Me I had dubs of haze going for $15 / some call it cut throat, shit I call it the business / hid the work in my girls dorm incase of the snitches.” This is a song a lot of cats can relate too. “Frustrated” is that polished straightforward flow. Not too many cats can pull off rhyming over “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” but Kochece did it.

To sum up Kochece’s whole style; he’s a hustlin’ ass MC with a sense of humor. Think Akinyele with a little bit of Nas’ introspection, a splash of ODB and just straight forward raw rhyming. True to his skill Unexpected does what he does and it just adds to the project and brings it up a level. The main reason I fuck with Kochece on the MIC is there’s no bullshit. He’s not being a mad up character, just telling it like it is, and getting his story and point of view out to the people. As a mixtape this project is bangin’. I still think Kochece can get better tho, there are always things to work on like flows and concepts and hooks. If there is anyone that will find a way to improve his craft it’s def gonna be Kochece.