L.E.P/Bogus Boys – Don’t Feed Da Killas 2

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Like they say in the intro “it’s a gangsta movement”. If you know me you know I dig some gangsta shit. L.E.P/Bogus Boys hail from Chicago. I don’t get many mixtapes period from Chicago never mind artist mixtapes from Chicago but there is talent out there. DJ Vdub and DJ Kid Scratch are mixing, hosting and flat out keeping this project moving…shout to them.

The title track “Don’t Feed Da Killaz” is how you start an artist mixtape off. I know it’s not the first track but it is second and it’s a mixtape flip at that. Now if you’re looking for slick word play and double entendre’s and shit this is not for you. It’s gangsta music so it’s right in your face, raw and uncensored. Count spits…”They bangin’ on the door / it’s early in the morning / get everything off the stove flush it down the toilet / a box of baking soading four pots of water boiling / it’s everything I have to my name to pay the lawyer…”. You hear those bars and if you don’t know what you’re getting into then you need to get a clue. Up to this point I gotta say that cat Count is shinning the brightest. He got that monotone flow and he uses it to perfection. “We move silent like the “s” in Illinois”…that’s kinda slick tho. That’s Count on “We Run This Town”. Not only slick he paints an even iller picture on “How Da Gangastas Do It”. It’s that stab your brain with your nose bone music for real. The mixtape flip of “They Know” is the shit. Cats def borrowed the original’s flow but Moonie caught fire on his verse and Rugg came through on his sharper than 10 machetes. And I quote…”Big black ni99a / pocket full of white folks / I feed the killaz why the fuck I got to fight for.” “We Ain’t Finna Play” is my shit. This where it all comes together: beat, bars, swag…the complete track. Not only that Moonie murdered Yung Berg. And I quote “on my word I see Yung Berg I’m slapping him / take his chain his watch anything he got with him / his bitch too / this little ni99a going crazy / we run the mutha fuckin’ train on his sexy lady.” Hahaha, classic. While we talking about classics I have to mention “Wetter”. This track is a riot, def some old school how you flip and own a known beat and on some R&B; shit. Count says…”Ain’t nothing like watching two women fuck…The red bone finna bust sitting on her face / we switched it up they asked me did I want a taste…” Count on the bars is a crazy mutha fucka tho, no lie. That track has the best hook too…”I wanna fuck you by yourself / but you can bring your girl it’ll be much better / I can make you come all by myself / I just wanna see who’s pussy’s wetter.” Hahahaha, this is why you cop mixtapes in the first place. I can’t front, the energy on “We Ain’t Playing” the DJ Slugo Juke Remix, is the shit. That’ beat will def incite riots.

On some gangsta shit, Bogus Boys got their shit together. I mean dead as real cats aren’t the best MCs but they know their sound and what works for them and they carved out their own lane. You gotta respect that. Now as far as gangsta shit goes they got that. MCs these days trying to get away from that but truth be told it’s always going to be there and those that stay true to it will always get that love. (pause) This mixtape right here is what it is because of the DJs: the skills, the MIC game they both hold this project together and make it pop off like the ratchet blowing theme music that it is.