L.E.P Interview

What’s good L.E.P? For those unfamiliar with the movement, let everyone know where you’re from and a little bit about your story.

Laws & Policies over 60k, Gangbang Music 80k, Don’t Feed Da Killaz 120k, Don’t feed da Killaz 2 95k and…. counting plus National Singles…Get it Like we Do f/ Young Dro, Getting’ Money f/ Jim Jones, We Ain’t Playin’ f/ Fabolous all with no major backing…We movin!

Where did the name come from?

It’s basically the section of Chicago we represent, the Low End section. From state street to lake, And we are always professionals at how we handle business with what ever we do, and right now we messing with this rap game.

You guys were originally signed to Sony but are now indie and definitely making moves like a major, what are the pros and cons of each side since you’ve experienced both?

Creative control is the biggest part of being an indie label. We are 100% responsible for how our music is created and distributed to the fans, the downside is basically having to spend our own money to fuel the movement and move around the globe with this thing.

You had a couple of big records over the last year including ‘Get it Like We Do’ f/ Young Dro and ‘Makin Money’ f/ Jim Jones ad now your current record ‘We aint playin’ F/ Fab is getting crazy spins, how did these connects happen and what has the street, radio and club response been for these records?

Good music speaks for itself and you have to know people. Pretty much, when you bring in a good product to someone, it’s hard to turn it down. Everybody that hears our music wants to be a part of it, ’cause they like what we got going on. We’re the next hottest thing, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of it? *laughs*

Recently we reviewed your latest mix tape ‘Don’t Feed The Killaz’ Pt 2 and that shits harder than Chinese math, how many units you moving and what can the streets expect from the release?

The streets eatin;’ it up hands down…we got the whole city of Chicago buzzin’ bout the movement and everybody ready to plug in.the internet is just exposin’ the otha parts of the world to this movement so its real big right now as far as how many we moved…let’s just moved another 50k just for the Ozone awards alone.

I’ve seen some video footage and you guys tear a club the f*ck up and toss hella paper into the crowd, for those who haven’t seen, how do you describe the L.E.P experience?

Image is everything, we go out there and set it up with style you got to give the people something to look at. You got to keep the right tool for the right job ya dig, the clothes, jewelry, cars, swag everything got to stay in order if we plan on taking this L.E.P / Bogus Boy thing nationwide.

Last year you lost a member of the group to gang violence, what type of effect did the loss of Larro have on the movement?

Emotionally it was hard to deal with but as far as work is concerned its something he would’ve wanted us to do…ya know keep pushin’. We just kept focus and the hard work shows in the music.

By now all should know you’re from the ‘other’ side of Chicago where tight pants and pink sweaters do not apply, what’s the reality of gang life on your side of town.

It’s the real Chicago. The city was built on the structure of street organization/gangs you know laws and policies. A lot of the original leaders of these organizations are currently political prisoners in the system and all the structure is gone. We try to get it out to the little guys involved in the streets to know that that you can get down and do what you got to do to survive but you got to do it with some kind of structure and follow the laws and policies started by the heads.

How do you intend on educating people to who choose gangbanging as a way of life?

To each his own just cause it worked out for us don’t mean that its for everybody, focus on getting money and supporting ya family period we’re just letting the people know what we’ve been through and what we’ve overcome.

Well you guys have definitely been making big noise in the press- The Source, Ozone, Raw Report and more- what’s next for you guys and what’s in going to take for L.E.P to get to that next level?

We need these radio stations in Chicago to plug in to help push this movement, we got a good number of the djs ridin’ wit us but we need the pds/mds to add some of this hot music we makin. It’s a damn shame when we gets adds everywhere in the US but can’t get it in our own city. They need to start helping the artist instead of trying hurt them. We go everywhere else and the radio stations showing local artist love, u come here…no deals what we else got to do we built our own nation wide buzz we reppin the city to the fullest, we on the covers of national magazine what more can we do to show these people we worth investing in.

Where can people find you online?

www.myspace.com/bogusboyslep & myspace.com/bogusboysinfared

Any plugs or shouts?

It’s way too many to name. But everybody who supports L.E.P/Bogus Boys: all the magazines, mix tape DVDs, radio stations, and all the Djs spinning the Single. R.I.P. Larro & Law.