L.G. Lords Gift – Industry Co-Sign 3: The Difference

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No lie, I’ve listened to this CD a minimum of 50 times over the last week. Who ever said that NY was lacking quality MCs needs to leave their office or their moms basement and get out in the streets. You know what’s wrong with hip hop music right now? I’ll tell you…a MC like L.G. who just spits straight from the heart with no bullshit can’t get a deal but an MC like Uncle Murda who we all know is a gimick rapper can get a deal. Normally cats would say “not to take anything away from Uncle Murda”, naw fuck that dude, he’s a cancer on the music….now back to L.G.

“…The Difference ” is the introduction. No hype, no quotes…just listen to the link. If you don’t feel this track I don’t know what to tell you, maybe you should switch to country music or start listening to techno or some shit. “Can’t Go On This Way” is one of the deepest tracks I’ve heard all year. “Honor, trust, respect, devotion, friendship, loyalty, karma”, now how many MCs you know rhyming about those? Aight, now you get to peep “Love & Hate ” featuring Chris Rock. This is a creative ass song, you got to admit it…the versatility on the MIC is undeniable. Easily the smoothest track on the CD, “Stay Away” has “possible single” written all over it. Concept wise “Backwordz” featuring Banga is that creative music you can’t find anywhere now a days. Both MCs played off each other well, I’m not given you a link to this one you got to cop the CD to peep it. There are so many punchlines in “OD” I’m good for the next month. L.G. with Jae Millz and Sha Stimuli…man, if you really know MCs you know what this track is all about. “God” got that bounce to it and like L.G. says, and I quote: “but I’m infatuated / with making music that stick to ya ribs / you hungry go grap a plate and make out the check to “God”..” Ahh man def one of my favorite joints to bump in the whip. One more link…”Hey Mister “. Just soak that shit up people. Now tell me that’s not straight from the heart with no bullshit. Peep that video on the bottom of the review too, that’s the last track on the CD.

I’m telling ya’ll man…there’s hope for hip hop music. With cats like L.G. doing what he does we got a chance. The balance between the block and rhyming with an educated conscience is crazy. He’s not preaching, he’s just letting you know what’s up and giving to you in a way everyone can relate to. You very seldom hear cats spit like that…that’s why the people need to hear him. It’s up to ya’ll to spread the word tho…we can only do so much over here. As for the majors…you won’t find another unsigned MC in NYC as polished and ready to take over the game than L.G. is right now, that’s the bottom line. I swear to god the visual I get after listening to this CD over an over is just a burned down, still on fire, beat to hell, broken down looking vocal booth…with L.G walking up out that shit. Dude put in hella work on this project, go support it.