La The Darkman & DJ Drama – Livin’ Notoriously

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Three words…hardest mixtape out. No bullshit, no filler, no cheez wiz up on here. Just straight gangsta music. I love when an artist stays true to there musical roots. I remember rolling to “Lucci” back in like ’98 cranked all the way up in ride, had ice picks stashed in there too. La had me ready to jab someone in the neck to get this paper. Now in ’09 he still got that edge but he’s even more polished lyrically. If you’ve been a fan of his this is a glorious time.

DJ Drama stays talking shit on mixtapes and I love it. That’s how you do it tho but the thing is he backs it up with his work and that’s the difference between him and these other DJs who think they doing something. Listen to La flip a Bone Thugs classic on “La The Dark”, then listen how Drama brings it back to make that shit shine even more. The first 8 bars are more descriptive than some whole songs cats put out now. Truth be told he sounds the best on those beats that got that angry bounce to it. Just like “What Life’s About”. “Fiends at my traphouse like Amy Winehouse”. I can dig it. Peep WTK verse on here. That flow is wicked people, you better recognize. Willie played with that beat like it was nothing and just when you think he’s done or you know how the rhyme is about to end he flips a whole other word and goes in a different direction. Cats ain’t doing it like that now and ya’ll need to appreciate that shit. “Spit Your Mask” is more of that angry bounce but La stepped it up with the rapid flow and Willie laces that hook. That’s three tracks highlighted and really that’s all you need to know. The rest of the project literally speaks for itself.

If you haven’t cop’d this already you might be a lame. Seriously, you should look in the mirror and “g” check your self, maybe even slap yourself violently. If that isn’t enough, roll up and ride out to “Gangsta Shit” or “Friends Turned Enemies”or “I’m A G”. You might be a lame but you can still try to live notoriously.